Greece: If these doors could talk

To ancient Greeks, doors are considered sacred. So much so that there was a time they were revered as transitions or passageways from one realm to another.

During our trip to Greece, I've inadvertently developed a fascination for doors and windows. Maybe it's because of the soft palettes that impress a lovely contrast against the dark solids.  Or the bougainvilleas creeping down creating a beautiful frame around the window sills. Or maybe it's the stories behind those doors--of children watching their grandmas cook, of elderly men smoking by the window while reading the newspaper, or simply of locals drinking coffee while watching passersby mill about.

Even the emptiest of alleys in Greece can be so charming.

If only I could repaint our home to look like one of these houses, I would in a flash! But for now, I'm contented to be smittened by these Greek doors and windows.

Definitely, if these doors could talk, they would tell of stories of old and anecdotes of the present perfectly encapsulating the charm of Greece and its culture.

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  1. So beautiful themes, moments, colours. Great photos and I very enjoyed your post.
    Take care


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