Welcoming the new year in the land of night markets and stinky tofu

It was a battle between #TaiwantItThatWay or #TaiwantySeventeen.

In this day and age of real time uploads, having a hashtag for every trip has become mandatory.  My sister insisted hers was better (#TaiwantySeventeen).  I insisted it was too corny.  We just laughed through it the whole time and, as of posting date, we still haven't been able to agree on which hashtag actually worked best lol.

But if there's one thing we agreed on, it's that this trip was a success.  We've both been to Taipei, Taiwan before (her, a couple of times for business trips) but it was our first time to go there with the parentals.  The first time we went on a trip with our parents in a big group, we were caught off guard.  It was a trip to Osaka, Japan and our mistake then was creating an itinerary fit for us without realizing that traveling with them required a much slower pace and less strenuous activities.

This time though, we were able to anticipate their needs and followed a more relaxed itinerary.  We even hired a tour guide for our trip to the Northern Coast. (We're usually the DIY type of travelers.)  And seeing our parents have fun was more than enough.

Goofing off at Yehliu Geopark with our guide, Peter Pang.

Another thing we agreed on is that Taiwan never fails when it comes to food, night markets and friendly people.  And the c-c-c-old weather made the trip even more fun.

More than anything though, a trip to Taiwan is a feast for the senses... And the palate. So here are some snaps from our trip to the land of night markets and stinky tofu!

View from the gondola ride on Maokong Mountain.

At the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Changing of guards.

Legit beef noodles.

Spirited Away.  The 100-year old A-Mei Tea House in Jiufen Old Street is said to have been the inspiration for the Hayao Miyazaki film.

Chun Shui Tang, home to the original Pearl Milk Tea.

Dethroned.  At eight years old, she's the real fashionista in the family.

Beitou Hot Spring.

Weekend destination. Performance at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

Shilin Night Market:  Not for the weak-hearted.


People waiting for the Taipei 101 fireworks.  One thing that impressed me: Despite the throng of people  the who flocked to watch the Taipei 101 fireworks, everything felt so... Organized.  The city government was obviously prepared and took into consideration every detail of the logistics. Yes, we had to wait for about 30 minutes before we were able to board the train home due to the volume of passengers but I really didn't mind.  They even had comedians at the platform to keep the waiting commuters entertained!

The Stinky Tofu Crew.  So where to next with this bunch?


Read about my experience during my first trip to Taiwan here:


  1. Seems it was a really great day :) I very liked atmosphere of your photos. Nice moments from the streets and the last pictur is quite funny and creative.

    1. Oh yeah! We couldn't quite agree how to pose in that last photo haha. And thank you! It took a while before I decided on which "mood" color to use for the photos. I decided a desaturated grading suits Taiwan quite well.


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