The power of bread crumbs

A few months ago, a friend and a former colleague of mine sent a message asking for tips because she was scheduled to go to Japan last December.  What started out as conversation about traveling eventually turned into a discussion on adulthood.  She said she was having some kind of quarter life crisis and, being several years younger than I am, asked how I got through mine.

The safe answer would have been to tell her some self-help tips and that it will eventually pass.

Instead, I told her this:

"Honestly, I've been through many of those crises and am, in fact, still going through one that I think those 'quarter' and 'mid' life crisis terms are just full of crap.  It's a WHOLE LIFE crisis hahaha. 
But I realized, it only feels like a 'crisis' because we don't know what we're going through.  When in fact, the only reason why we're feeling all those confusion is because our needs, goals, and priorities are continuously changing.  And it can be pretty unnerving to have set your goals one year and then realize the next that you already want something else entirely. 
Then again, that's good. Because it means we're continuously evolving.  The next thing for us to do now is to embrace those new needs/goals/priorities and move forward." 

Seems like I've got everything handled in my own life, right?  NOT.

You see, last year, I left the only career I've known for 11 years and entered an entirely new world where I had to learn the ropes from scratch and prove to myself, more than anyone else, that I am capable of doing other things.  Several months and validations later, I learned--and surprised myself--that I am.

But the process of learning and adapting to this new world is not without confusion, frustrations, and failed expectations. 

That's when I would launch into one of those I'm-so-frustrated-I-don't know-what-to-do-with-my-life rants. Then my sister would tell me, "Just be patient and follow your bread crumbs."
"Think of what you are going through right now as your bread crumbs.  The bread crumbs may not always be good experiences but they are definitely leading you where you are supposed to go."

Losing a job, breaking up with your partner, going through a financial crisis, or any other life-altering experiences--those are breadcrumbs.

Coincidentally, while I was going through my Paulo Coelho Alchemy Day Planner which I transformed into a travel notebook, I came across this quote:

"Some things occur in our lives in order to lead us back 
to the true path of our Personal Legend.
Others appear so that we can apply everything we have learned.
And still others arrive in order to teach us."
-The Fifth Mountain

I still believe that in the grander scheme of things, the Universe has plans for me--for all of us, for that matter.  She just likes to tease and toy with us every now and then so we can fully appreciate the journey and, in effect, become more resilient people.  In the meantime, let's continue to follow those bread crumbs and pick up everything we can learn along the way.  For when the day comes and we finally find our place in the Universe and we see the bigger picture, that's when we'll realize the power of those bread crumbs.


Trusting the power of the bread crumbs to lead us to our Personal Legends.  (Taken during our trip to Batanes last April 2015)


  1. Very nice read, Koryn. I fully agree that the universe just likes to tease and toy with us every now and then. It's annoying at times but hey, it pushes me want to move, seek answers/solutions to my boundless 'crisis' and eventually find my own source of happiness and that's what really matters. Happy New Year! :)

    1. And I'm sure you too get impatient sometimes. But I've learned there's value in waiting. I believe things are always given to us at the right time, when we're ready :)

  2. Ohhh this is interesting! I'll share this with my friends :)


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