The virgin beach of Dinadiawan

I have to go there, I thought when I saw my friend's Facebook photos of a virgin white white beach with blue waters that looked so alive under the winking sun.

Promptly, I messaged my friend and found out that the photos were taken at Dinadiawan Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora.  I'm always on the lookout for secluded or unfrequented beaches to explore.  So when 2015 kicked in, I invited my friends to jump-start the summer with a quick weekend getaway to Dinadiawan Beach.

How to get there
Going to Dinadiawan Beach is actually the exact opposite of "quick".  We were all familiar with its neighboring town of Baler which is one of the top surf spots here in the Philippines and is about five hours away from Manila by car.  (Read more about my Baler experience here.)  So we thought it would be easy enough to get Dinadiawan.

According to Waze, this is the quickest way to get there:

Mobile signal (both Smart and Globe) is weak in most parts of Dipaculao and the areas leading to it.  If you are using GPS for navigation, expect to lose it once you enter the town proper.  From thereon, your best bet would be ask the locals for direction.

We left Shell-NLEX around 12mn and after six hours and what seemed like miles and miles of winding road, a couple of stopovers, and some getting lost, we finally reached our destination.

The morning view that welcomed us.

Where to stay

As per my friend's recommendation too, we stayed at La Sunshine Beach Resort.

If you love rustic settings, then this place is for you.  They have both fan and air-conditioned villas.  The bathrooms could use some improvement but, all in all, the villas were clean and comfortable.

Roughing it out.  You could also choose to pitch a tent if feel like communing more with nature ;)

But what made our stay more pleasant were the people.  The owner himself, Kuya Larry, attended to our needs.   Their canteen was still closed when we were there (it opens during April) but prior to our trip, I had already made arrangements with the resort for our meals.  You could actually opt to bring and cook your own food but since we were such a big group and we really just wanted to relax, they were kind enough to buy and cook our meals for us.  (We just paid them on a per-meal-per-head basis and gave tip as thanks for their effort.)

Contact Person:  Myrna Flores
Contact nos.:  +639183425663 / +639182038645 / +639176618802

The beach

No photo can really do justice to this place but hey, one can try ;)

Now tell me that's not worth the six-hour ride.  But just like any other trip, a new place exploring a new place is triple the fun when done with good company ;)


  1. it looks like a DREAM...when dreaming of the perfect beach! my fab is the shot of the bench and nr 1...its very cold (close to zero) here today, so your images are very heart-warming! thanks for this tour :-) <3

  2. Welcome To The White Beach Of The North-Im glad you've just visited us,here in our Hometown,Dipaculao Aurora.

  3. This is a real Paradise! Really beautiful and seems Beach Resort was quite comfortable.
    Very spectacular collection and your shots about children. I cannot find any words :) They're so cute!!!!!! :)

  4. What the writer did not mention, other than the Amper which displays huge waves crashing on big rocks, is the view from the road atop the hills as one approaches Dinadiawan. I'd say amidst the greeneries, the blue seas gently kissing the white pristine sands are sights to behold. No big waves unlike Baler Beach but the sea is ideal for swimming, jetski and sailing.

  5. Hi! Is this near Sand and Stars Resort?


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