Entering the extraordinary world of the Pinto Art Museum

I have a confession:  museums do not appeal to me. (Cue: Collective gasp and raised eyebrows from art connoisseurs.)  Inasmuch as I would like to up my ante as a cultured being (haha), I'm afraid I lean towards the more indie and contemporary type of art.

That's why when I saw photos of the Pinto Art Museum online, I was instantly fascinated.

A friend from the Netherlands was coming to visit and I was looking for unique places to take her within or just outside Metro Manila.  And Pinto was spot on.  It is a charming combination of contemporary art,  unique architecture, and creative landscaping nestled in a 1.6 hectare of land.

The galleries

Pinto Art Museum has several galleries and you can spend the whole day there and still not have enough time to take everything in.

"Pinto" is the Filipino word for "door" and fittingly enough, entering the museum is like stepping into an entirely different world of unique visual wonders that stimulate the senses.

Guided tours

Some of the pieces require an explanation or demonstration for you to be able to appreciate them fully.  An example is this artwork by Geraldine Javier.

First, our tour guide asked us to take a photo of the painting using our phone camera.

And then he asked us to edit the photo and apply the "negative effect".  And then voilà!

On that note, it is recommended that you take a guided tour of the museum so you do not miss out on details such as this one.

Stories behind the art.  Pinto Art Museum guide Andy Orencio explaining the stories behind each piece which are as interesting as the artworks themselves.

The cafe

Their cafe is like an entirely separate gallery in itself!  They actually have two cafes:  the Cafe Tan-Aw, which has a terrace that provides a view of the sunset, and the Pinto Cafe.  It was around noontime when we were so we opted to stay at the latter.

I wasn't so impressed by the dishes that we ordered but our eyes got its filling of artsy eye candies.

After half a day of walking around, I heard my friend told our guide, "This is the best contemporary museum I've seen to far!"

That it mesmerized a non-museum fan like me and impressed a person who's been around  the world like my friend is definitely something. But do not take our word for it.  Go there yourself and get wonderfully lost inside the Pinto Art Museum.

Picture perfect.  You can stay the whole day at the Pinto Art Museum and never run out of things to photograph.


1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Subdivision
Antipolo, Rizal

Tuesday through Sunday, from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

(02) 6971015


Php150 (USD3.35) for regular ticket
Php120 (USD2.68) for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs
Php 75 (USD1.67) for children and students with proper school IDs


  1. AWESOME+magical(like the place) blog entry! LUV your pics+story ....xoxox, what an honour to visit it with u!

  2. Like you, Koryn, and your friend, I was instantly fascinated by the Pinto Art Museum and this is the best contemporary museum I've seen so far, though not in person. But I’m so satisfied thanks to your photos which seems to have captured the charms of the museum so well.

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  3. Will be visiting Pinto Art Museum soon, this is really helpful! Thank you for sharing!



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