Entering the extraordinary world of the Pinto Art Museum

I have a confession:  museums do not appeal to me. (Cue: Collective gasp and raised eyebrows from art connoisseurs.)  Inasmuch as I would like to up my ante as a cultured being (haha), I'm afraid I lean towards the more indie and contemporary type of art.

That's why when I saw photos of the Pinto Art Museum online, I was instantly fascinated.

A friend from the Netherlands was coming to visit and I was looking for unique places to take her within or just outside Metro Manila.  And Pinto was spot on.  It is a charming combination of contemporary art,  unique architecture, and creative landscaping nestled in a 1.6 hectare of land.

The virgin beach of Dinadiawan

I have to go there, I thought when I saw my friend's Facebook photos of a virgin white white beach with blue waters that looked so alive under the winking sun.

Promptly, I messaged my friend and found out that the photos were taken at Dinadiawan Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora.  I'm always on the lookout for secluded or unfrequented beaches to explore.  So when 2015 kicked in, I invited my friends to jump-start the summer with a quick weekend getaway to Dinadiawan Beach.

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