The people of Burma

Pilgrims.  Monks inside the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.

Like I said before, the Burmese are a people beautifully caught between traditions of the past and the threshold of  present times.  It's no wonder that in one corner, you will see women in longyis carrying fruit baskets or selling thanakas while in the other, you'll come across monks fiddling with their smartphones.

In my previous posts, I've shown you the place.  Now let me show you the people. 

Old school.  A woman fetching water from a well in one of the traditional villages in Bagan.

Grandpa keeping up with technology.

Women on wheels.  In Bagan, locals go around in bicycles or motorcycles.  Even the women.
Smart chap.  This young fella was trying to give us a 20-peso bill (USD .45) in exchange for 500 Kyat (a fair amount). Apparently, it's something that a lot of locals/vendors do--they collect different currencies or sell souvenirs for foreign currencies when the tourists don't have Kyats anymore.  I tried giving this kid 200 Kyat just to test his persistence. The smart aleck won in the end ;)

And as if the locals we encountered weren't enough to ingrain in us the beauty of Myanmar as a nation, this trip paved way for us to connect and become friends with a beautiful Burmese family.

A warm welcome.  Than Zaw Aung (in black) whom we initially contacted to be our guide, and his lovely wife Thuthu Zin preparing dessert for us while we make ourselves at home in their cozy restaurant.


  1. Love all your travel posts mother! Always waiting when you'd post about them :)

    1. Thank you, mother! I wish I could blog as often as you do. Andami kong backlogs! :D

  2. Very good photo series again. My absolute favourite is the sitting baby. So lovely!
    Please be informed that I have to move my blog to following link.
    I'll use it in the future. Please visit it :)
    Have a great week!


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