The people of Burma

Pilgrims.  Monks inside the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar.

Like I said before, the Burmese are a people beautifully caught between traditions of the past and the threshold of  present times.  It's no wonder that in one corner, you will see women in longyis carrying fruit baskets or selling thanakas while in the other, you'll come across monks fiddling with their smartphones.

In my previous posts, I've shown you the place.  Now let me show you the people. 

The temples of Bagan

Temples in Bagan, Myanmar are literally everywhere.

They're as common as the cattle on the fields, the motorbikes on the roads, and the spices on their food.  If you climb up one, you will see sprawling lands dotted with stupas, temples and pagodas of different shapes and sizes.  (There are over 2,000 named temples around the ancient city and hundreds more that remain nameless.)  Some look like they grew straight from the soils with their brownish red brickwork while others glitter and wink under the glaring sun with their golden casts.

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