Bagan: the land almost forgotten by time

"Slumbook question No. 3: What's your favorite Bagan experience?"

Two days after we came back from our Myanmar trip, our group was still inflicted with a serious case of vacation hangover.  Every now and then, one of us would send a photo in our Viber group or prod each other with questions which would launch an hour or so of reminiscing.

This particular question, I really had a hard time answering.  Our vacation was only for seven days but it felt longer with everything that we experienced.  Rather than just going on two three-hour flights and a 10-hour bus ride, it felt like we traveled back in time to a land filled with stories of old waiting to be told.   

Everything about Myanmar is just memorable.

The breathtaking sunrises...

The temples whose walls reverberate with tales of forgotten kingdoms...

 The unique dishes that reflect the different layers of the Burmese culture...

And, of course, the people beautifully caught between traditions of the past and the threshold of  present times.

So forgive me if I can't tell you right away what my  favorite Bagan experience is.  And if Myanmar isn't on your bucket list yet, I suggest you put it there, go to the land almost forgotten by time, and be in the same wonderful post-travel conundrum I am in.


  1. As always nice pictures. Missed blog hopping. Ganda masyado ng first at seconf shot, ang dramatic lang.

  2. So nice to see you again on this blog, Koryn. I learned the country’s name as Burma in my childhood and had been so till the military regime took the control of the country. In my subjective opinion Burma sounds much better to those mysteriously fascinating scenes you captured, not only the landscape but also the pure smiles, beauty of ethnicity, or laidback life. The fifth image reminded me of a novel “The Burmese Harp.”

    The places of my post dated Nov. 10, “Hidden beauty of Japan…” you asked about is closer to Tokyo. Sinetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) will take you to Nagano and Niigata. Do you remember my description that that place is a part of major tectonic line linking Itoigawa and Shizuoka? A big earthquake happened ten year ago, and to my surprise, three weeks later that travel of mine. I really like the mountains and highlands of Japanese Alps areas in Nagano, Gifu or Niigata prefectures, so I don’t stop travelling to that area but with attention to the warnings. Plan ahead well.


  3. What a beautiful post, and it really makes me want to add this to my bucket list. Great photography as well. The pic of the old woman smoking the cigar is an award winner for sure!

  4. Those landscapes have a mystical quality and the people are so much alive and real. Beautiful photography!


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