Into the cascades: A journey to Iguazu Falls

"Poor Niagara!" 

That's what United States First Lady Eleonor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed upon seeing the Cataratas do Iguaçu or the Iguazu Falls which is located in the Brazilian sate of Paraná.

With 275 drops, this UNESCO World Heritage site is higher and wider than the Niagara. (Read more here.)  I have never seen the latter so I have no point of comparison.  But to say that we had an adventure when we went to Iguazu Falls?  That's definitely a huge understatement.

Around the park

Going around the Iguazu park was an easy walk which included a little bit of trekking.  There are special walkways that allow visitors to get the optimum view of the falls and the perfect photos. (Of course!)

TRIVIA:  Iguazu Falls can be accessed through three points--from Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, Puerto Iguazú in the Argentina, or from Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. 

But it's not really that hard to take beautiful photos with all the greenery surrounding you and furry little friends popping out to greet you every now and then :D

Meet my little furry Brazilian friend, the coati.

It took us a while to reach the "center" of the park what with us stopping every few feet to click our cameras or simply take in the splendor of the surroundings.  I mean, wouldn't these views stop you in your tracks?

After around 30 minutes of walking, we finally reached the heart of the park and got up close and personal with Iguazu's cascades.

I cannot emphasize enough how this work of nature is so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  The vastness and energy coming from it was just breathtaking!

And as if we weren't close enough, my sister, brother-in-law and I decided to don our raincoats and walk in between the cascades.

TIP:  If you weren't able to bring your raincoats, you can buy them at the park's souvenir shop.

TIP #2:  Unless they're waterproof, leave your gadgets in a locker or with your companion before stepping onto the pathway.

Ready to get wet!
Rockin' the raincoats!

The Macuco Safari

After recharging over lunch, we went to our next adventure:  the Macuco Safari!

A LITTLE ANECDOTE:  A couple of months before our trip, we tried to acquire Argentinian visas so we can access the Argentinian side of the Iguazu falls.  But after painstakingly completing our requirements, it turned out to be too taxing as the embassy asked for more unreasonable requirements (We learned that the other applicants have been coming back to the embassy for weeks already and still weren't granted visas). So we decided to just forgo our application.  And since we weren't going to the Argentinian side anymore, our aunt decided to book the Macuco Safari for us.  Turns out to be a blessing in disguise :)

The safari offers trips to the base of the falls.  Here, we wait for the boat that will take us on a wild ride (which we had no idea yet at that time!)

And off we go!
"Crossing" the border.  The Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls.

The boat took us through the channel and stopped a few feet away from the cascades.  After five minutes, it turned around and we were like, "That's it? Bleh."

Then all of a sudden, the boat sped forward, did a quick maneuver and... BAM!  We rammed right into the cascades!

Pretty much everyone in our group were adrenaline junkies and cried "More! More!" to which the speedboat operator indulged heartily.

The result?  A boatload of happy, soaking tourists! :D

The day ended with our group famished and dripping wet.  But what the heck?  It was an adventure that's definitely one for the books!


  1. What an adventure mother! More posts please!!!!

  2. A great adventure indeed! Glad you enjoyed the falls so much. I think they are one the greatest wonder of the world! I started to write a website about them, trying to show all sides as all the other sites are just selling tours from one side or the other. Not done much, but it's great to read and write about the falls!

  3. better than any waterpark or amusement ride. :) it is amazing!

  4. Mother, nagaabang na ako dito sa blog mo! Haha! Looking forward to more posts about Brazil :)

  5. I'm sure this is worlds better than Rio Grande in EK. Hope to experience something as exciting with you soon.

  6. your words are creating images in my mind. feel na feel ko na kasama ako sa trip LOL! ang saya siguro ng trip nyo.


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