Wandering into Wanderland

"My bangs were, like, flat on my head, and they were, like, awful," tweeted my friend PJ using the hashtag he created (#overheardatwanderland) for the Wanderland Music and Arts Festival 2014.

"Wanderland is set to fulfill your music fancy and take your concert experience beyond imagination. May 17 marks this much-awaited gathering where Wanderers can go to celebrate youth and pour out their hearts in the open field of the Circuit Events Ground in Makati."

I'm a newbie at music festivals (a recent influence by the boyfriend).  The first one I ever attended (not counting the annual fete dela musique held worldwide) was the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2014 held in the island of Puerto Galera last February.  (Read more about my Malasimbo experience here.)

So I didn't know what to expect in this year's Wanderland (except that the heat was bound to be almost unbearable at 32 degrees plus plus celsius and that we will be surrounded by today's so-called hipsters) so I decided to just wing it and follow my companions' cue.  PJ wrote a review about the whole festival here.  I, on the other hand, will just take you through the festival through some of the photos I snapped that day.

Franco.  A popular local rock band.
Headbands.  The accessory for the day.

Edible art.  Yep, you read it right.  These artworks are actually made of sugar.

Artist in action.

In full gear.
Rum pong.  Wanderland's version of the beer pong.

Gotcha!  Girls caught in the act of selfie-ing haha.
My wanderdates.
Taking a break from shutterbuggin'.
The Paper Kites.  An indie folk band from Melbourne, Australia.
Wanderers.  The crowd became thicker as night fell.
The Last Dinosaurs.  An Australian indie rock band from Brisbane, Queensland.
Party kids.
Wonderful All-Stars.  An local act composed of some of the Philippine music industry's most popular artists including Radioactive Sago Project, Enrique “Inky” De Dios, Sinosikat? 's Kat Agarrado, Taken By Cars’ Sarah Marco, and DJ Mars Miranda.

Danced out!  The Royal Concept, an alternative rock band from Sweden and one of the most-awaited acts of the night, pulling the audience to their feet and making the Globe Circuit Events ground one big dance party venue.

The Drums, the last act for the festival, went onstage way behind their schedule (technical difficulties set the schedule back a couple of hours) but it didn't stop their fans from going wild and dancing like crazy (I know my two companions did haha).

The Drums.  An American indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York. 

So there.  I hope you had fun wandering into Wanderland.  'Coz I sure did--heat, sweat, hipsters and all ;)

Flanked by my wanderdates, Arnie and PJ.


  1. in my younger days, that would have been fun. these days, i don't like crowds much. :)

    (i used my cell phone to photograph the katydid)

  2. Parang ansaya. Nakaupo lang sa grass tas nakikinig ng muysic hanggang mag gabi.

  3. So colorful and wonderful weather. Re your question about Peninsula Park - people have picnics there and come to admire the roses - not sure about other events since it's a city park - open to all. People may have to get a permit to have a private event.

  4. oh, i missed wanderland this year. enjoyed the first one, though.


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