A taste of the Brazilian carnaval

In Brazil, the month of March is all about one thing:  THE CARNAVAL!

The country's annual festival officially kicked off last March 1-5.  And while it was nothing compared to the videos of the recent parades my cousin sent us, I feel so lucky we were able to attend a rehearsal for the carnaval when we were there last year and got a glimpse of what the world-famous festival has to offer.

My cousin Melisa brought me and my sister Ainna to the rehearsal of G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos do Salgueiro, a popular school of samba in the city of Rio De Janeiro.

TRIVIA:  Every year, different schools of samba compete each other for the best performance during the festival.  Salgueiro was the vice champion of this year's carnaval while the Unidos da Tijuca was the grand winner.

Initially, I thought we were just going to be mere spectators as the performers showed off their moves.  But four glasses of caipirinhas later, us ladies found ourselves partying the night away!

Luckily, I was able to take a couple of shots before I got carried away by all the singing and dancing.

TRIVIA:  Most members of the various schools of samba in Rio de Janeiro hail from the favelas or slums.  They practice all-year round for the annual carnaval which is held every March.

And here is a video of the performers I took that night. (Pardon the shaky video.  I did say I had four glasses of caipirinha, right? :p)

I cannot say enough how much fun it was!  After all the dance numbers were done, the bouncers encouraged everyone to go invade the dance floor.  And before we knew it, everybody in the whole gymnasium--performers, locals, people from around the world--were singing, dancing, and drinking!

I tried helplessly to do the samba but I couldn't, for the life of me, do so.  I mean, how can anyone keep up with these people who have practically been dancing since they were toddlers?

And, mind you, in this video, the people dancing aren't even performers!

So after a few attemps, I gave up and just did my own jig haha!

So yes.  It was by far one of the most fun and memorable experiences during our trip.   And now I wonder what it would be like to experience the festival itself?  Maybe we'll find out someday ;)


  1. Dear Koryn - How cheerful, colorful, and energetic! The dancers’ smiles are contagious. Your photos wonderfully describe the atmosphere.

    I’m glad to know you liked plum blossoms. Late March to Early April and mid-November to early December are the two seasons I recommend for you to visit Japan.


  2. love your selfies! and i beginning to wonder if you have a permanent place of residence! lol

  3. Wonderful images of people having a wonderful time - what a colorful place.

  4. even from the still shots, these dancers have such grace and oomph!


  5. Love the lights in your photos. Very inviting ang mga scenes. Parang gusto kong makisayaw. :)

  6. looks like u had tons of FUN (next to caipirinhas:-)
    and o mY gosh how they move these legs...my eyes are still shaking, impressive!

  7. I swear mother. You take the best photos!!!


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