Around São Paulo: Beco do Batman

Blending in.  A wall in Beco do Batman (Batman's alley) in the city of São paulo.

Psychedelic and surreal.

These are probably the two words that best describe Beco Do Batman or Batman's Alley in Rua Gonçalo Afonso, an alleyway in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena in São Paulo City.

Far from the dark and dreary Gotham City, every inch of this alley is covered with splashes of color making it an open air graffiti museum and instant heaven for photographers.

It was just our first day in Brazil and already, I've consumed a sizable amount of space in my SD card taking photos.  I mean, wouldn't you go camera-crazy too if you saw these life-size works of art?

Arquipélago de Ilhabela

Praia do Perequê (Perequê Beach).

Beautiful island.

That's what the Portuguese word, Ilhabela, literally means.  And true enough, this archipelago located in the state of São Paulo very much deserves that name with its beaches, dense forests, and--from what I hear--excellent wreck dive sites.

In fact, this archipelago is so rich that almost 85% of the island has been turned into a park and Unesco-protected biosphere.*

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