A life of wander and wonder

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Aside from New Year, your birthday is that other occasion every year that gives you license to have your "what have I done with my life" moment (something I think I'm too fond of doing haha).

When I was in college, I only wanted to spend every Holy Week break in Boracay,  getting a tan and partying.  When I got my first whiff of a foreign country during my Thailand trip with my sister, that's when the addiction began.  The goal was simple--save up for low-budget trips to nearby SEA countries like Singapore, HongKong, etc.  Places like South Korea and Japan (the more expensive Asian countries) were far down my list.  Farther down are places like Brazil, Greece, and Europe.  They all seemed like distant dreams.

But I focused on my goals.  I focused my energy on envisioning the places I wanted to go to.  And one by one, I ticked the places off my bucket list.  Then three weeks ago, I found myself wandering the streets of Osaka, Japan.  A week later, I booked a ticket, this time, to a bigger destination.   Without realizing it, I have slowly been making my dreams come true.

There are some things about my life that are not ideal right now.  But if I can make things happen, I can certainly workout the bad.

They say with age comes wisdom.  But with wisdom comes more curiosity.  And I believe we never really find all the answers we look for.  It's the asking and the passionate pursuit for answers that gives us character.

In that pursuit, here are some things that I learned will help you live a full life :

Spend time with your family.
Hug your kids, nephews, or nieces.  They grow up too fast sometimes.
Be generous to your parents.  Seeing them smile over the simple things is priceless.
Save money whenever you can.  But never scrimp over the things that are worth spending for.
Say "I love you" and mean it.
Say "I'm sorry" and mean it.
Open yourself to love.  Take risks.  If your heart breaks, take time to heal.  And then give yourself the chance to love again.
Keep the friends that will say the things that make you feel good but won't be afraid to tell you the brutal truth.
Keep out the negative vibes.  Overpower them with good vibes.
Be kind to the people who hurt you.  They might be having their own struggles.
Every year, discover a new place. 
Do not be afraid to explore on your own.
Find yourself a hobby.  Something to look forward to every time the work week ends.
Work to live.  Do not live to work.
Take care of your body.  You'll never be able to do all these things if you're frail and sickly.

The list goes on.  And I am open to learning so much more.  Because a wise person once told me, the moment you think you know everything is the moment you stop learning.  So yes.  I am determined to continue living a life of wander and wonder.

Wandering around the windmills of Bangui.  (Photo by my brother-in-law, Conrad Vidad.)


  1. What a lovely post :) I hope you will be able to visit more and more countries in the future as well. Also congratulations for Conrad. His photo is awesome with those dream lights and colours.
    Have a great day. Greetings, Miklos

    1. Thank you, Kovács! That's my wish too :) And maybe one day I get to go to Hungary :)
      The perks of traveling with a fellow photographer!

  2. fantastic POST! love your list of things:-))) wish you great discoveries! you are welcome to stay with me/us when you make it to Europe, I would love to show you tulipland:-)))xxx+happy BDAY (when is it+how young are u btw)?
    PS: the pic of you is simply the BEST!

    1. Wow, I just might take you up on that offer! I'm envisioning Europe for next year :)

      It's April 1 and I stopped counting at 25 haha. Kidding :) I'm 31 :)

  3. I find it inspiring and refreshing when people I know and love eventually find their own bliss. Happy birthday, Koryn and may you continue to prosper and grow to be the woman God intended you to become. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Mer! I miss you. And the soulful talks. Hope we can hang out again soon :)

  4. me again:-))) pls do plan me for your Europe-visit+do ask me for travel ideas/hints+tips:-))) I would be very happy to help!!! really:-)))

    back to your question: we went in december to Thailand for something like 16 days; I loved it soooo much so I went back in March with a friend (was soooo freezing cold in Europe-brrrrrrrrrrrr) for 12 more days (doing the same main points: Bangkok, ChiangMai and sea, but adding few exotic things such as ChiangRai and MaeSalong and the Sukhothai day which was sooooo good!); I know there are so many places to eb discovered but the people, the food+the rest are simply soooo terribly addictive:-) I would love to visit your country one day!

    1. Wow, you did fall in love with Thailand! But I can't blame you, I really enjoyed Thailand too! Especially the food. I envy, thought, that you got to dive there!

      Oh yes, you definitely have to visit the Philippines! I'd be more than happy to tour you around :) There are so many places you can go to, depending on your interest. The food can be quite a treat too!

  5. wonderful sentiment, koryn! i wish you MANY more happy travels and joyous birthdays ahead! <3

  6. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish you good health, success and more travels. Love your list to live a full life.

    Wow! Galing ng last photo by your BIL. Pwedeng iprint ng malaki at iframe. :)

    1. Salamat! :)

      I know, it pays to travel with a fellow photo enthusiast haha!

  7. belated happy birthday!
    glad to know you're slowly ticking off countries on your "dreams" list :)

  8. Here's a link for Small Talk Koryn: http://wowlegazpi.com/small-talk-cafe/ with address an din.


  9. Wow that's such a nice photo of you!
    Miss you mother! :)


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