The island of Siquijor

The island of fire.  That's what the Spaniards used to call Siquijor (pronounced as "see-kee-hor") because it gave off an eerie glow from the swarms of fireflies on the island.

It can also be attributed to its reputation as the "mystic island", with stories of sorcery and witchcraft masking the island for decades.  But while there are a handful that shy away from the island because of this, I've always been curious about Siquijor.  It's one of the places in the Visayan region that I never had the chance to explore yet.

Until recently.

And contrary to all the spooky stories I've heard, the Siquijor I experienced was tranquil and picturesque.  It actually gave me the perfect jumpstart for the summer.

How to get there
There are no direct flights from Manila to Siqujor.  So you have to book a flight from Manila to either Dumaguete, Cebu, or Bohol.  In our case, we took the Dumaguete route.  Then from Dumaguete, we took a 45-minute ferry ride to the island.

Stopover at Dumaguete City. (Photo by Branden Milla)
|For a list of all the ferry schedules from Dumaguete to Siquijor, CLICK HERE.|
You can arrange for a pick-up at the port with your hotel.  If not, there's a tricycle terminal within the perimeters.

We were able to explore the town of San Juan located at the southwestern side of the island.  The beautiful thing about Siquijor is it caters both to beach bums and nature lovers.


Now who wouldn't be awed by that sight?  The off-white sand gives the shoreline a bright glow accentuating the blue waters.

The beach, though, is more perfect for snorkeling rather than swimming.  Aside from the tide being too low for swimming, the area's marine sanctuary is just a few feet away from the shore.

Even during the morning, when the tide is at its lowest, this side of the island can be pretty enchanting.

But the most breathtaking sight is the sunset.


Located in the nearby town of Lazi, Cambugahay is the most popular waterfalls in the island.  It doesn't have a spectacular drop but its waters are so clean and fresh, you'd want to jump in right away.

It has a cascading multi-tiered waterfalls creating many beautiful swimming lagoons.  And when we got there, we saw these kids jumping off the falls doing crazy stunts.

My friends and I did some stunts of our own but our poses don't look half as cool as these so I'd rather not post photos :p


They began building the church in the late 1700's and finished it in the early 1800's which was the latter part of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines.  Stepping inside the church is like traveling back to the time of the friars.  You could almost envision Donya Victorina or Maria Clara sitting on one of the pews.

*Donya Victorina and Maria Clara are characters from novel of Jose Rizal, the Philippine's national hero, entitled Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) which was "written to expose the inequities of the Spanish Catholic priesnts and the ruling government" during teh Spanish period.

There was even a sign by the altar which said, "Those who did not wed here cannot receive communion." (Not verbatim)

You can actually tour the whole island within two hours.  So when we weren't lounging about by the beach or jumping off waterfalls, we were just strolling around, checking out the sights.

(Photo by Branden Milla.)

Where to stay
I highly recommend the Coco Grove Beach Resort.  It's not the kind of budget hotel that I usually stay at but the rates are reasonable enough for the wonderful amenities and nice villas.  (Blog post about it coming soon!)

Breakfast at the Coco Grove Beach Resort.

So if you haven't decided on a summer destination yet, I highly suggest Siquijor.  You just might fall in love with the island like I did :)


  1. Lovely sunset pictures.. para talagang may pag ka mystic ang lugar tas eerie pag mag aagaw na ang liwanag at dilim? lol..
    Maganda sya sarap magpahangin yata.

    Cambugahay falls is very enchanting synonymous to beautiful.. miss my home town in Bicol.

    Summer get up tayo ha.. ang presko lang ng kulay sa mata.

    1. Ooh, where in Bicol? My mom's family's from Sto. Domingo, Albay. I practically grew up there!

  2. What an incredible shot - looks like a beautiful place. Thanks for your comment on my recent post.

  3. I love the bokeh sa spider photo. Bigla akong nagcrave sa amoy ng dagat. :)

    1. Uy, baka next week lang makita ko pictures mo nasa dagat ka na hehe.

  4. Very fantastic reportages.
    My compliments

  5. Awesome pictures as always sis! :)

  6. hey fantastic pics! i stayed at Coco Grove before, lovely lovely resort! if their wifi/internet connection were only reliable, we would never have left the place :D (as it were, one had to literally hug their satellite dish to get any reception - circa 2010)

    1. The WiFi connection was stronger, I think, when we were there. BUT... but only one area had connectivity. The garden by the reception.

  7. Really beautiful. And it's not as crowded with developments yet. Fantastic! =)

  8. oh my gosh! i soooo what to be where you are right now! ha!
    gorgeous photos, koryn!!

    1. Come visit! I'll gladly tour you around!

  9. Jealous of this trip! And even more jealous of your Japan trip now! Can't wait for your blog entry about that mother. And want to see photos of those real geishas that you saw! :)

  10. Nakapunta na rin ba si Jen dito? Amazing pics as always!

  11. i miss siquijor. hey, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    i'm following you now. i'm sure i'll get to know about new places here. ;)

  12. Nice pics! I'm excited to go there na.. We'll be there June 12 to 14

  13. Majestic! Nakakaexcite ng pumunta

  14. I have been to siquijor many many years ago. I fell in love with the people, food and its culture. I have been working many years to be able to move back there permanently. I would like to have someone contact me and help me through the process of getting there and getting settle in. please email me at

  15. Oh my god! Your pictures on the falls are so rad! I'm so visiting Siquijor soon! :)

  16. simply heartwarming+breathtaking: these colours+so much happiness in your pics! I already love your country!xoxo

  17. What a great information about Siquijor Koryn. Very short content, direct to the point with high quality pictures. Make sense. Thank you.


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