Friday food fest at Mezza Norte

Overnight food fiestas are heaven to foodies like me.  Unfortunately, since I work and live in Quezon City during the weekdays, I have to travel all the way to Ortigas for their weekly Banchetto or to Makati for their Midnight Mercato.

Luckily, around July last year, the brains behind Mercato Centrale decided bring this delightful food fest up north!  Thus the opening of Mezza Norte at the UP-Ayala Land Technohub along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.   You could just imagine how happy I was to hear that!

So last Friday, after an evening run around the UP Campus in Diliman, my friend and I decided to reward ourselves with some Mezza Norte experience.  (Hey, we ate well within the magic hour. *Defensive* Haha.)

And just like the other food markets, it was quite a feast.

We were famished but it took as a while to buy our food since there were so many to choose from.

There were appetizers...



Street food...



Sizzling sisig (a Filipino dish made from parts of pig's head and liver)...


Fresh fruit juices...

And many, many more!

Finally, we decided to get a little bit of everything we wanted and ended up with this mini-feast :

Dinamita (dynamite) wraps = Php75.00  (USD1.85) 
Takoyaki balls =  Php75.00 (USD1.85)

Beef kebab = Php110 (USD2.7)

Large mango juice = Php70/glass (USD1.85)

Gelato = Php100/cup (USD2.50)

Total damage was Php300 (USD7.40) per person.  Not bad considering it's more than a full meal with dessert.

So if ever you're in the north and can't decide what kind of food you're craving for, I suggest dropping by Mezza Norte.  Your taste buds and tummy won't be disappointed ;)


  1. How can you get here Koryn?
    Seriously i should really try this one.
    Are they open every night?

    1. It's open every Thursdays-Saturdays. Where will you be coming from?
      You can actually get there via the MRT, taxi or jeepney.
      Here, this link might be useful :)

    2. Galing akong MRT Boni.
      I'll check the link..Thanks

  2. Wonderful photo of what looks like a good time and good food enjoyed by all!

  3. I think the food fair in Alabang is not as successful as the one there and in the Fort. I don't know why :(

    1. Maybe because coming from late night gimmicks, the nearest one is usually Mercato and Ortigas?

  4. wowww, how great! I would be glued at the Juice Bar for sure...I see there is also Lemongrass/Pandan, are there like ice-teas or shakes?

    its funny actually to see that you have pasta&pizza, doa lot of people eat/like it?:-)
    happy new week from me!

  5. Would you believe I still haven't been even to Mercato man lang?! Hay!!! Such is my life of familial servitude. Hehehe! =)

  6. oh man, i'm coming right over! ha!


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