The brat, the baby, and the pug

The wonderful thing about having nieces and an adorable dog at home is that they make great subjects for photo ops.  So one afternoon, I joined my nieces as their yayas (babysitters) took them out to play with Kourtney The Pug in the church courtyard.

I ran out of breath chasing after them but I'm pretty happy with the feel-good shots I got :)



  1. Your nieces are pretty.

    Just like you, my nieces and my nephews are my usual subjects.

    It's good to photograph them while they're young because time flies so fast. The next day, they are all grown up.

    These are feel good photos. :)

    1. Aren't children the best subjects? ;) And you get to lose a few calories along the way haha!

  2. great photo-shooting you got there, how cute are they!!! the seventh pic is my absolutely fav one, her face impressionsis so adorable!

    thanks for your visits and comments, I have tried to answer your questions on the corresponding blog entries...

    btw I have also posted this to your green-mango-question:

    "@Koryn: I did not see the green mango salad in thailand, but made one myself here few days ago (I got the recipe online and thought lets give it a try); in Thailand I enjoyed a lot the pomelo salad and the green papaya time I will try your recommendation too; btw what is your fav dish/food in/from Philippines btw?"

    happy sunday:-)))

    1. Looks like your Thai trip turned out to be a gastronomic adventure for you too :)

      Filipino dishes... hmmm.. there are so many! There's kare-kare, a kind of stew made from peanut sauce with a vegetables, stewed oxtail, beef, and sometimes offals.

      There's also Bicol Express, a specialty from my province! Another kind of stew made from chili, coconut milk, shrimp paste, onion pork and garlic.

      And then there are the seafood dishes too!

      Now I'm rambling haha but I do hope this entices you to visit our country someday! :)

  3. Looks like you all had fun too. Your nieces are very cute.

  4. Wow! New layout huh. Nice.
    Ganda plus the photo op u did here.

    You can never go wrong when they are the subject, right.
    And who can tell, you look sexy on your new pic! Oozing beauty!

    Happy posting in 2013!

  5. How adorable your niece is! Taking pictures of little children is good because they grow so fast. You captured her charming moments. Thank you for your visit and a lovely comment. I'm glad to know you have an idea of coming to Nara. I’m sure you’ll never be disappointed. Plan ahead well and have a nice trip.


  6. these are such fun! they're all so adorable! i like where they are all squatting. just three girls being silly. :D

  7. Your nieces are so adorable! So cute! =)

  8. Your nieces are so pretty!!!
    (mana sa tita and sa mommy? ;))


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