Oh, the holidays!

Who says Christmas is only for kids?  Definitely not me!  Sure, we don't get month-long breaks like we used to nor do we get to open as many gifts from "Santa" on Christmas Eve, but there's just something about the December breeze, the Christmas carols echoing through the night, and the smell of mom's special dish wafting through the air that keeps the Christmas spirit alive for me.

Christmas (aside from my birthday!), is the one of occasions that I refuse to be diluted by stress, worries, and all the other adult stuff.

And on this note, I hope everybody's enjoying the holiday cheers!  'Coz 'tis simply the season to be jolly :)

Christmas greetings from Kourtney the, um, pugdeer?  Ho ho ho.

My special earrings from Vietnam for special occasions :)
Mom's touch.
Monster High 101.  My four-year-old niece's gift from "Santa".  And over the break, she made sure I watched the Monster High movie with her!
Christmas boots for my niece!
More holiday trimmings from my mom :)
A Christmas present from my sister.

And lastly, I leave you with a smile and merry greetings from the little one :)



  1. Ang cute ni Kourtney!!! And I love your new watch. Sana magka-ate rin ako like Ains. Hehehe.

    Merry Christmas Koryn! I miss you! Let's bond sooooonnnnn!!!! xoxo

  2. What a cute face! Happy holidays to you and a belated happy birthday too!

  3. Nice watch! I've just been to Simple Joys in MOA and they were selling nice vintage-looking watches. Tempted to buy one tuloy. Hehehe! =)

    Cute niece! Kakagigil! =)

  4. hello dear Koryn! I looooooove the heartwarming smile in the last pic, your niece is such a sweetheart (and great ear rings btw too:-)! also thanks for your visit and nice words, sunny greetings from Bangkok, its actually night here already:-))) I was not aware you celebrate Christmas also in the Philippines...happy to learn this;


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