Carbin Reef

Known for its famous chicken inasal (native chicken), Masskara festival, and raving night life, people from Manila flock to Bacolod City not for the sights but for the people, the food, and, well, the parties.

I was in college when I first set foot in the City of Smiles.  Two of my close friends and I lived there for three months for a documentary we were filming for our thesis.  Years later, I would keep coming back to what became one of my favorite places in the Visayan region.

But in all those times that I visited Bacolod, never did I imagine that there would be a piece of island paradise near the city.  Until this year.

For our three-day trip, our host, April, decided to include a sidetrip to a small island called CARBIN REEF.

How to get there
Carbin Reef is actually an ideal quickie getaway if you're only in the province for the weekend.  Located in the municipality of Sagay, it's approximately 82.9km  or a good two-hour drive from Bacolod city.  Going there, you'll pass by the following towns:

EB Magalon (formerly known as Saravia)

Once you reach the port in Sagay, you can park your vehicle near the Tourism Office.  Then before heading to the island, you will have to register your name along with your companions'.

The Old Sagay port.

Then from the port, you'll have to take a 30-minute boat ride going to the island.

1-5 persons     -     Php1,000 (USD24)
6-10 persons     -     Php1,200 (USD29)
11-15 persons    -     Php1,500 (USD36)
16-20 persons     -     Php1,700 (USD41)

Entrance (General Admission)    -    Php20 (USD.50)
Entrance (Chidren)   -    Php10 (USD.25)
Shed (Single)   -   Php300 (USD7.29)
Shed (Double)   -   Php500 (USD12.15)

The sea breeze and the lull of the waves might tempt you to doze off but better resist the urge coz you'll miss this breathtaking view upon approaching the island :

The island
Except for a few huts, there's practically nothing on the island that would distract you from enjoying the clear waters and white sand.  Stretch out your mat, put some music on, open a cold bottle of beer and you're all set for a relaxing day under the sun!

Sunbaking.  New BFF's, Maneesh and Jen!
Goofing off.

Trying to find out what that odd creature in the water is.

My friend's yellow toenails feeling at home in the sand.

I think we spent a good three hours on Carbin Reef.  We had to go back to the city around 2:00pm because it was the last day of the annual Masskara Festival and we had a jampacked afternoon ahead of us.  But albeit short, our stay was already good enough to enjoy the peace and quiet on the island.  It would've been more perfect had we remembered to actually bring some beer.  But then again, at the end of the day, it's always the company that makes any trip more fun.

So the next time you go to Bacolod City, consider including a sidetrip to Carbin Reef on your itinerary.  And make sure you bring awesome people with you ;)


  1. Wow! Nafeel ko ang summer looking at these photos. Love those candid shots.

    Winner for me ang yellow toenails photo. Ibenta na sa CARONIA or sa POST NAILS salon. Kidding. Seriously, I love it. Very very very nice. The sands on her feet, the bokeh - WINNER!!!

    1. Hehe, thanks! It was actually raining in the city. Pinagbigyan kami ni Haring Araw :)
      Re the nails... My friend was actually appalled when she saw the photo haha!

  2. Looks a bit like paradise - hard not to fee happy in a place like that!

    1. True that!:) The moment I stepped into the sand... Heaven!

  3. wowww, you did enjoy your time I can see it in your shot+on your faces:-) simply breathtaking seascapes and the pic of the toes+sand, love it!

    back to some of your questions (i have posted the answers on my blog too): gliding: we stayed a bit more han an hour in the air, at the end was too cold up there; pumpkns: in europe we dont really carve them, but i love cooking them (in soups, gratins, cakes)...or just to put them on my window shelve (this year I have 7 different kinds)-uuuupie!

    1. Wow, the toe photo's getting a lot of votes! Haha.

      On flying : I would love to experience that too! You're lucky you already have ;)
      On pumpkins : Oooh, pumpkin soup! My stomach grumbles at the thought haha. Wow, 7 different kinds of pumpkin! You must have a very happy-feeling window shelve right now ;)

  4. Wow! It's beautiful! Is overnight camping also allowed? =)

  5. What a beautiful island! Been to Bacolod once but not near here and would love to go back again just because of the authentic inasal!

  6. Wow, that is paradise! Btw, nice photos!


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