cruisin' the waters of cagraray

When you say Albay, Bicol, people automatically think, "Mayon Volcano".  While Mount Mayon is a truly awesome work of nature with its breathtakingly perfect cone, there are actually a lot of other places and things to see in the province.  Definitely, a visit to the pili nut capital of the Philippines won't be complete without dipping your feet in the waters.

I pretty much learned how to swim in the beaches surrounding my mom's hometown, Sto. Domingo.  But even though I spent almost every summer of my childhood there, there are still so many islands beyond the town that I haven't explored yet.

During our recent four-day visit, my uncle arranged for us a tour of the Cagraray group of islands in the municipality of Bacacay.  While the waters of Cagraray aren't as clear as Palawan's and its sands aren't as white as Boracay's, the island hopping proved to be a whole lotta fun for us.

The Marvelous Floating Cottage

From Sto. Domingo, it was a one hour ride to the town of Bacacay where our ride for the day was docked--THE MARVELOUS FLOATING COTTAGE.

It's honestly one of the coolest boats I've ever seen!  I'm used to riding pump boats but this is the first time I've ridden something like this.  It's so huge, it even has a mini-living room inside!

The front area.
The back area.

And you can actually hang out on its outrigger.

But the best part of the boat is the deck.

Just like a Caribbean cruise, Pinoy version!

Lots of room for lounging!
Tickle, tickle!

The boat can hold up to 70 people (including the crew).  The rental fee would depend on how many islands you wanna go to.  In our case, we arranged for a three-island tour and paid Php15,000 (USD 361)  for the whole day already.  Not bad for a boat that big, right?

Mananao Island

It was a one and a half hour boat ride to our first stop--the Mananao Island.  And we didn't waste any time jumping in!

We pretty much hung out by the shallow parts, soaking in the sun.  Kids, adults, we all enjoyed the water!

I wonder if there are floaters like this for adults :p
Sand castle time!
Looking for shells to add to the collection.

Improvised floating restaurant!
Oops, be careful of the sea urchins!

Namantao Island

Our next stop was just around 30 minutes away.  But we don't have much photos in that area because we were all busy doing this :

Did I say fun?! That's my 18-year-old nephew, James, jumping off the deck.
I would love to post my "jump" photo but I don't look as kick-ass :p

Misibis Island

The ride to our next stop was a bit longer.  So we got to lounge at our "sundeck" for a while.

Tanning time.
Who wants to play sungka? As much as I want to explain the mechanics of this game, I've totally forgotten how it works already. Oops.
But of course, BEACH = BEER.
The Elixir of Life.  Haha.

About an hour and a half and more than a few rounds of beer later, we were at our final destination--Misibis Island.

Today, Misibis Island is known for its luxury resort whose room rates range from Php19,514 (USD 470) up.  I remember when we were kids, we used to go there with only beach umbrellas and mats in tow. We hardly had to pay for anything.  Now that it's become commercialized, we never go there anymore.

But good thing, not all parts of the island are expensive!  There's still that little uninhabited nook that we got to hung out at.

By the time we got back to our family compound in Sto. Domingo, we were all red as lobsters and dead tired.  But looking through all our pictures, I'd say the day was definitely worth all the burnt skin and sore muscles we got ;)


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  1. Wow! Looks like paradise. *sigh* I need a vacay na rin. =)

    1. You should go on one! We all need a break every now and then ;)

  2. AWESOME AWESOME!!! I love all your pictures sis! Haven't been to this part of Bicol yet so I added it to my bucket list! :) Hope we can travel together sometime!

    1. Thanks, Gi! I know, it would be fun! Let me know when you make plans to go to Albay, I can hook you up with some people ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you and thanks for dropping by, Jessica! :)

  4. your photos are incredible! what a fun adventure!

    1. It is! My sore muscles are a testament to that haha.

  5. Love your pictures mother! As in!! (Well, dapat "As always". Hehe!) Looks like a fun trip!! :)

    1. Thanks, mother! It's a cool idea if you're traveling in a big group :)

  6. SUNGKA!! I miss that. I love your "infinity" photo most, it's really like the sea and the sky are touching. And that boat - so marvelous, indeed! Lol! :-)

    1. IKR?! Haha! The captain said, while he's not really wealth or anything, he really invested in that marvelous, marvelous boat because he wanted to promote tourism in the Bicol region :)

  7. Ano daw sabi ng yahte ni EL3? haha:) How I wish madala ko din family ko there!:)

  8. Btw ganda ng pics!:) How do you make them big?hehe

    1. First, resize the raw copy of your photo to how big you want them to appear on your post.
      Second, upload the photo. Once you upload the photo, you get to pick whether you upload it in small, medium, large, or in its original size. Choose original size :)

  9. wowww, what a great, sunny and recharging reportage dear Koryn! I love your pictures...which fruit have you been enjoying on board btw?
    btw i agree with you how bad globalisation+tourism change places and they turn in things we once loved and now can not see/enjoy/visit...big hug from the netherlands!

  10. WOW! This is the kind of trip I want my family to have. Very pinoy na bangka, I have a feeling na magiging iconic itong bangkang ito katulad ng jeepneys.

    I love the feet photo a lot. :)


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