Habagat Heroes

"The Filipino spirit is waterproof."

When torrential rains began lashing the country on Tuesday and several areas were submerged in gigantic floods, this tagline spread around social networking sites like wildfire countering the devastation that was sweeping the nation.

There was no typhoon.  It was only the habagat or the southwest monsoon that brought us heavy rains for over a week but it was enough to cause Filipinos to fear that this might mirror Typhoon Ondoy, the most devastating typhoon to hit the country three years ago.  My friend, Madel, even commented that it was like 2009 all over again what with netizens setting aside senseless status updates and utilizing Twitter and Facebook to spread public service announcements, emergency hotlines, and calls for help.

But in the midst of all the devastation, stories of loss and desperation, emerged tales of courage, strength, and heroism.

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