Ode to food

Photo taken during a food trip in Binondo, Manila.

I'm a 100% foodie.   Whenever I travel, local delicacies are always part of the itinerary.  Discovering new dishes excite me in the same way old favorites never fail to satisfy my palettes.

Recently, my friend, Sheilla, asked me to help her start a food blog.  I rarely post restaurant reviews (except when I'm really impressed with the place), but while I was constructing my friend's blog, I was inspired to post my shelved photos of one of the most pleasure-inducing things in the world--FOOD!

Some of the photos, I've already forgotten when and where I took.  But then again, details don't matter once your mouth starts to water ;)

Garlic shrimp (Cafe Romulo).
Fish with coconut sauce (Cafe Romulo).

Native chicken inasal served at the Manukan Country in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

Grilled pork, kimchi soup, and all the other Korean side dishes served at a low-key restaurant in Seoul, South Korea.

Soju and brown rice served at a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea.
Buchi (Binondo, Manila).

Dimsum (Binondo, Manila).

Sweet and sour pork dish (Binondo, Manila)

Coconut shoots, red egg, and fish (Talisay farm, Negros Occidental).

Chili potato wedges (Cocina Juan).

Creamy Dory Con Blanco Queso (Cocina Juan).

Pasta galore and red wine (Cocina Juan).

Rice toppings served at the hawker center in Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Half-boiled egg and thick floss bread with coffee (Toast Box, Singapore)

Sweet corn (Baguio City).

Tuna and seaweed salad (Pansacola Resort, Cagbalite Island).

Fresh fruits!

Tokwa't baboy (Tofu and pork).

Chili crabs!  (Newton's Hawker Center, Singapore)

Curry-based chicken dish (Khmer Kitchen, Siem Reap, Cambodia).

Breakfast food!  My absolute favorite.

(L) Vietnamese cold coffee; (R) Authentic pho (Pho2000, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

Sinful crispy pata (Pamana, Tagaytay City).
Salad served at a quaint restaurant in Bukchon Village, Seoul, South Korea.
True-blue Pinoy palabok.

And of course, no meal would be complete without DESSERT!

The classic chocolate mousse.


I would've had more photos if only my cravings didn't get the best of me during some of my food trips ;p  HAPPY EATING EVERYONE!


  1. what an amazingly great selection of food photography! really lovely and mouth-watering...myself is also a lot into food pictures lately:-)its fun too...

    btw,I want to steal 1-2 of your mango slices...
    wish you a good new week!

    1. The only problem with food photography : you tend to crave over and over everytime you look at the pictures haha.

  2. Naglaway ako. Bow. :) Foood triiiip na tayooooo!=)

  3. Gusto ko itong kainin lahat. Wow! Parang sa studio ang mga kuha. Parang ginamitan ng softbox sa ganda. Material na ito na pangwall design ng mga resto. :)

    1. I wish I knew how to use a softbox! I'm bad at setting up lights (boohoo) that's why I just rely on [available] natural lighting.

  4. I am a big foodie as well. Drool!!!

  5. Hello Koryn,
    Yes, my mouth is watering right now...It looks very delicous and the pics are so beautiful...I am a foodie, too. Wherever we go, I try new things...Enjoy your day!...Heidi

  6. Super delish post, Koryn! Sadly, I'm not much of a food photographer. I'm much more the food eater! hahahhaha!!! I'm salivating for more posts like this!

  7. Ikaw na! Food hunter, lover. Bow ko sa mga foods dito. Great choice not to mention good appetite.

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