Ode to food

Photo taken during a food trip in Binondo, Manila.

I'm a 100% foodie.   Whenever I travel, local delicacies are always part of the itinerary.  Discovering new dishes excite me in the same way old favorites never fail to satisfy my palettes.

Recently, my friend, Sheilla, asked me to help her start a food blog.  I rarely post restaurant reviews (except when I'm really impressed with the place), but while I was constructing my friend's blog, I was inspired to post my shelved photos of one of the most pleasure-inducing things in the world--FOOD!

Some of the photos, I've already forgotten when and where I took.  But then again, details don't matter once your mouth starts to water ;)

Garlic shrimp (Cafe Romulo).

Forgotten captures

Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea.  A photo taken
during our November 2011 trip wihch I rediscovered
while browsing through my archives.
Over the years, I have learned The Art of Not Over-Posting Photos (something I learned from my photographer friend, Fritz).  I used to post 150 plus photos on Facebook in one go thinking a profile shot with my hands on my hips has a largely different effect compared to the same profile shot with my hands by my side.  (Talk about vanity oversharing haha.)

Now, I sanitize--choosing and uploading only what I think are the best shots, and keeping the rest in my archives.

But I never erase photos.  Even the badly shot ones.  Because while the raw photos are taking so much space in my external drive, sometimes, when I browse through them, I rediscover some shots that I took that's, hey, not at bad at all!

And here are some of them:

Music junkie.  (LEFT) My old iPod mini.  Photo is an outtake from the Project 365; (RIGHT) On a wall in Hard Rock Cafe in Bali, Indonesia.  

Gaga over Lotto.  Another outtake from my Project 365.  Taken during the days when everyone was going gaga over the Lotto jackpot that ballooned to several millions.

Clear waters.  Taken at Magalawa Island in Zambales.

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