Project Pilipinas : Coron, Palawan


(Photo by Branden Milla.)

*Photos on this post were taken from both my September 2011 trip and June 2012 trip.
*All underwater photos were taken by Conrado Vidad Jr. and Ainna Vidad. 

"Coron next month! Game?"  When I got this message from my friend, Mark, it took a while before I replied.  I've been to Coron, Palawan with my family before and it wasn't really on my list of "Place to Visit" for the year.

But I'm glad I agreed to come the second time around.  Because, really, no matter how many times you've been there, Coron's beauty will never cease to take your breath away.

How to get there
Cebu Pacific has regular flights from Manila to Busuanga.  (You may check out their flight schedules and fares here.)  From the Francisco B. Reyes airport in Busuanga, you have to take a 45-minute land trip to the town of Coron.  Resort packages normally include transfers from the airport to the town.

When in Coron, you can choose to stay on the mainland or check in at an island resort.  During our first trip, we stayed at the Coron Village Lodge located at the mainland.


Tel. Nos. : (632) 805-3414 / 801-0623
Fax No. : (632) 805-5965
E-mail Add.:

Mobile No.: 0928-2020819, 0916-4200252

Staying at the mainland is easily more convenient--there are stores everywhere, there's electricity 24 hours a day, and the signal's pretty strong for both Smart and Globe lines.  Oh, and there's WiFi at the lodge!

However, if you want a more quiet vacation and a real break from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world, you may opt to stay at an island resort.  During our recent trip, we stayed at the Balinsasayaw Resort.

(048) 723 2849
0917-3287274 / 0939-9136320

There are several things city people might wanna take note of though: Electricity in the island runs only from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. and there's no internet connection (whether through WiFi or 3G) on the island.  If those are welcome changes or a bit of a hassle, you decide.

The islands, lakes, and marine sanctuaries
Coron, Palawan is breathtaking both above and underwater.  (Last year, my sister and I went on a wreck dive and saw the sunken Olympia Maru ship which is now covered in corals.)  It would be impossible to go to all the islands and lakes in the municipality within three days (which is the length of the usual vacation there).  But you can always coordinate with your resort who would be more than willing to give you advice on which islands to go to depending on your preferred activities.  (Lie under the sun?  Snorkel? Dive?  Etc.)

To give you an idea, here are some of the spots we visited during our trip.

Siete Picados

Teeming with marine life, Siete Picados is considered as one of the best snorkeling spots in Coron.  Since it is considered a marine sanctuary, strict rules are implemented in the area.  The boats aren't allowed to throw down anchors that might damage the corals.  Fish feeding isn't allowed either.

Exploring Siete Picados.

Kayangan Lake

The "parking spot" in front of the rock formations that house the Kayangan Lake.

When going to Kayangan Lake, you better be ready for a little workout because you'll be climbing a total of 150 steps before you reach the lake. (And then another 150 steps back.)

No pain, no gain!

But, what's a little sweat when you get to see this at the top?

Google "Coron, Palawan" and this is the image that almost always pops up.

And a few steps further, you'll get to enjoy a cool dip at the lake.

Chill.  That's my mom lazily floating around haha.

And if you're feeling a little adventurous, you can do a skin dive into this underwater world.

Underwater kingdom.  I half-expected Poseidon to emerge from the rock formations haha.

Banol Beach

Can you say CLEAR WATERS? Banol Beach is the perfect spot to rest and maybe have lunch at before you hop to your next island.

You can also play some beach sports or do a little sunbaking.

The Twin Lagoon

So you think going to the Kayangan Lake is a challenge?  Well, the route to the Twin Lagoon is a different adventure altogether!

For you to reach the lagoon from the spot where your boat will be docking, you will have to do a short climb over the rock formations or skin dive underneath it.

Not for the claustrophobics.  See that small opening just below the platform?  To go through that, you'd have to do an estimated 2-meter skin dive.  But if you wanna save yourself the hassle, you can always just climb the ladder :p

What awaits at the other side.

Coral Garden

As suggested by its name, the Coral Garden is a haven of corals and marine life.

Oh, and it's a home for giant clams too!

Pass Island

From afar, Pass Island looks like a mirage with it's glittering white sand and clear waters reflecting light from the sun.

It's a good idea to put Pass Island last on you itinerary when you're already tired from all the island hopping.  Like Banol beach, it's the perfect place to relax and soak some UV rays.

And dozing off ain't no problem at all!

Bring the essentials.  Sunblock, lip sunscreen, shades, sarong.
If you have snorkeling gears, bring them.  But in case you don't, the resorts have snorkeling gears which you can rent.
If you have kids with you, make sure they wear vests all the time.  Depending on the tide and the wind, the waters can be rough in some spots.

Geared up!  (LEFT) My nephew, Marsy, in his life vest; (RIGHT) Me getting ready to snorkel. 
If, by some unfortunate twist of fate, you are allergic to seafood, make sure you notify the resort.  Because naturally, most of the food they'll be serving are seafood.

Lastly, avoid going to Coron, Palawan, during the rainy season.  While we enjoyed our rainy vacation recently (mostly because of the company!), you'd appreciate Coron's beauty more under the bright sun :)


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Last time we were there was 2005 pa. Glad to know it hasn't changed a bit. :)

    1. And I hope it doesn't change! Leave all the commercialism to Boracay hehe. Part of Coron's attractions is its rustic charm :)

  2. I saw a mermaid!!! Wonderful photos again. That mustard boat with shadow, cover material ng travel books/magazines.

    The first time I saw Coron (from the plane), I cried. It's beautiful up there esp kapag nasa ibaba na, one of my best trips in this lifetime that made me spell PARADISE as C O R O N.

    We hopped from one island to one island to take our breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best talaga!

    1. Did you blog about it? I wanna see your photos too!

      It's a good thing that Coron's become more accessible to tourists now. But I hope they never try to commercialize it :)

    2. Konting photos lang. This is the link - Thanks a lot. :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures - beautiful place!

  4. aaawww.. i miss coron!!! ang gandaaaaaaaa!!!

  5. Awesome photos Koryn! I am in awe! Never been to Coron yet! Thank you for this amazing post. :)

  6. oh my gosh! it's just stunning! and your photos are simply amazing!

  7. Thanks for your visit on my blog...I love your beautiful pics. I am following your blog now and looking forward to seeing more...Heidi

  8. Coron's wonderful! Still haven't visited yet. Hoping to vacay there soon enough. =)

    Regarding the e-book question. To be honest, I was so against the idea of an ebook replacing all my well-loved tangible tomes. But when the time came for me to move here to Singapore, I had no other choice but to give away most of my babies since storage at the mom's place is cramped enough as it is. Then I realized, ebooks and a reader would have solved this easily.

    So in a way, I still love books since I love the feel of a hard tome in my hands but I guess, I will eventually switch to ebooks and a reader as soon as I find a nice one I like. For now, I'm still buying tangible books. =)

  9. Beautiful pictures with lovely colors...... i like that place.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  10. Very nice pictures. You totally captured Coron, Palawan's beauty :)

  11. Hi,

    You have a nice informative blog and Nice photos. The beaches in Coron are among the most beautiful I have seen in the Philippines (as beautiful as Potipot and Boracay, but with so few people! You can read more about these beaches on my Philippines Travel blog -

    I liked your photo of "window of hope" and the last photo taking turns on the beach!

    We had visited Coron a few months ago, stayed at Discovery island resort (beautiful - and secluded away from Coron on a small outlying island).

    You can read my Coron blog here -

    I have also posted photos and details of all the places in Coron - snorkeling in siete pecadoes, beach bumming, etc. Feel free to see my blog and do write a line or two if you liked it.

  12. so wonderful creation. hope it will not change. one day i'll visit it.

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  13. loooooks like heaven! when are we going there? I need a local guide, whats your rate;-)))xxx
    PS: fantastic the underwater life+these colours of the sea!

    1. I'd tour you for free!!!

      Seriously, you HAVE to visit the Philippines. I can think of so many underwater sites I can take you to :)


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