365 bests

Day 31.  A self-portrait.

Two years ago, I started a personal project called "Project 365".  The idea (which I got from other photography enthusiasts) is to take and upload one photo a day for one whole year.  During the first two months, I was able to faithfully post one photo every day.  But after that, I got busy, got too tired, yada yada yada.  Sometimes, I'd miss a day.  Even a week.  During my fourth month, I thought of aborting the project.  I mean, what's the point right?  Then I realized, more than keeping up with the "schedule", I wanted to prove to myself that I could commit to something for a year.  So despite the setbacks, I continued the project.  And voila!  One year and three months later (Haha, yes, some of my posts were that delayed), I found myself posting my 365th photo! Cool, huh? ;)

And now, looking through all the 365 photos that I took is like looking back at my 2010 and 2011.  My favorites are the ones that either came out exactly the way I wanted them to or those that turned out differently (and better) than what I envisioned, and those that perfectly captured my mood the day I took them.

Here are some of them :)

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