Magical Seoul

Autumn in Seoul.

I've always wanted to go to Seoul.  Something about South Korea's megacity has always fascinated me.  Maybe it's the mixture of old and new, of traditional and modern.

Ironically, this is the first trip that I have not been able to fully plan for.  Days before our flight, I found myself panic-shopping for winter clothes. (Coming from a tropical country, I have very low tolerance for the cold!)  I didn't even have time to research about the must-go-to places nor learn a bit of the language.  (To date, I only know two Korean phrases:  Annyeong-haseyo or hello; and gamsa-hamnida or thank you.)

During our first day, my friends and I were shocked by the cold, had difficulty communicating with cab drivers, and, ultimately, got lost.

Yet, I fell in love with Seoul.

The colors, the vibe...everything is so alive!  Naturally, I couldn't help but take a gazillion of photos which, I hope, captured even a bit of Seoul's magic :)

I wonder what Seoul looks like during spring when all the trees are in bloom.  Well... the only to way find out is to come back.  Something I'm looking forward to doing :)


  1. Wonderful city. Sabay ulit tayo sa pagbalik niyo. :)

  2. Lezgo! We're thinking spring. Saw Madel's cousin's photos of Seoul during spring, ang ganda! Super colorful.

    More video ops for the continuation of Tael's Koreanovela :p

    And at least it's a bit warmer during that season!

  3. Hindi na kailangan humiram ni Tael ng jacket. Hahaha!

    Koryn! Super ganda ng photos mo! I looove all of them. You're such a gifted photographer, you're an artist. Thank you for showing us beauty. :)

  4. Aw, thanks Pat! It's not hard to take beautiful photos in Seoul. The subject itself is enchanting already :)

    Let's go back ha? This time let's look for Jun Pyo hahaha!

  5. super lovely pics, koryn!! :D

    sana you put captions, though, para we can find out what those sights are....for all of us who haven't been to Seoul yet :D

  6. Haha, I've been planning to write a Seoul 101 blog that's why I intended for this entry to be just a photo montage. Unfortunately, haven't gotten around to writing the next blog haha.

  7. Your pictures are incredible! I actually visited Korea (including a three-day stop in Seoul) in early spring, and one thing to look forward to is the cherry blossoms. :-)

  8. Pretty pictures mother!!! Im jealous :)

  9. Gandaaaa ng photooos! <3 Super lovely nakakaiyak! I didn't even read the copy hehe.

    Makes me wanna go to Seoul one day!

  10. MANILA GIRL: There were no cherry blossoms at all when we came. So I wonder just how much more beautiful Seoul is during spring :)

    JOEI: Mother! You should go there! :)

    ROANNE: You should! It's really an experience!

  11. your photos are amazing!! going there next week, soooo excited :D

    1. Wow, really? You're going to love it there! Like I said, Seoul is nothing less than magical! It's like every corner, every wall, every street is an eyecandy! :)

  12. love your photos, it looks so alive :D
    it makes me more excited to visit Korea this April ~


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