The Royal Kiss

Amidst all the stress and angst that overwhelmed me this week, this made me smile, swoon, and feel giddy all over:

The Royal Kiss.  The now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kissing on the Buckingham Palace's balcony. (Photo courtesy of

I've never been infected by the Royal Wedding fever until I saw Kate Middleton, a vision in her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown, walk down the isle.  The ultimate heart-stopper was when Prince William told his bride, "You look beautiful."


Like Mommy Gladys tweeted, Kate's love story is every girl's dream...fulfilling all our wishes to someday find and marry our Prince.

And I believe I will.

Because just the like the rest of the hundreds of millions of people around the world who watched that fleeting  ceremony, I'm a sap who believes in weddings and happy endings :)


  1. I love Kate! She's so simple :) And I like it that it's not just a "fixed" marriage ala Charles and Diana. They truly are in love with each other. Siiiggghhhhh ;)

  2. Exactly! Kaya nakakakilig talaga. Coz you know the wedding's not merely for show.

    She looks like a souped up Lindsay Lohan, don't you think?

  3. Yes, she's certainly a looker. I do hope this marriage lasts.

    Koryn, she's the sober, hotter looking Lohan. hehehehee

  4. The wedding made me really giddy too! And I agree with Joei, I love it because they're truly in love. :)

  5. MER: She is, isn't she? And she's so poised and charming :) A real lady!

    Hi ♥! Thanks for dropping by. I loved it when they were on the balcony and where talking to each other, agreeing to indulge the audience with a kiss haha.

  6. ako rin kinilig kay prince william kahit kalbo. manood ka ng Thor lalo kang MATUTUWA!

  7. In fairness to him, it must mean he's not vain. I mean, with his money, he could have done something about it a long time ago.

    Everybody keeps talking about Thor. Is it really good?

  8. Btw, I just discovered that you can comment on tumblr even without a tumblr account. You just have to tweak your settings. Para namang maka-comment ako sa posts mo!


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