"The point is, I JUMPED."

 "You can't leave everything to fate, boy!  She's got a lot to do.  Sometimes you've got to give her a hand."
-Leonardo Da Vinci, "Ever After"

No, no, that's not me jumping off the cliff.  But I DID jump off that cliff some nine years ago when my orgmates and I went to Puerto Galera.  Of course being the ever-clumsy me, the jump came out less graceful than I intended (Read: DISASTER).  I planned to do a cannon ball jump but I reached for my knees a little too late and halfway down, gravity took control of my body and I landed on the water on my side with a whopping splash. (I think everybody felt how much it hurt judging from their reactions when I surfaced!)  Hours later, the whole of my left leg was covered with an ugly bruise like I was paddled.

With an attempt to pass off the disastrous jump as a humorous learning experience, my friends and I coined up phrase, "The point is, I JUMPED" making an allusion of the life lesson--"You will never know unless you try."  (Well, I tried, and I now know what free-falling feels like...As well as the pain that comes after haha.)

Later on, I would forget about the jump, the bruise, and the lesson it supposedly entailed.

But years later, I find myself thinking about that jump, and again, about the life lesson we forcibly connected it to.  As much as I hate to admit it, I'm not as aggressive as my other friends when it comes to getting the things that I want.  I'm lucky. Some things that I wanted in the past, they just happened without me exerting too much effort.

But I'm about to turn 29.  And while I'm not the type to worry about age, I've come to realize lately that if I want to accomplish more in this lifetime, it's high time I become more assertive in pursuing the things that I want whether it be about career, travel, love life, or life in general.   I think now I'd rather fail because it was not meant to be rather than fail because I didn't do anything at all.

So while I'm still not immune to fear of failure and humiliation, starting today, I am reviving that phrase we coined from that catastrophic attempt at adventure in Puerto Galera years ago.  In the process, my pride might get bruised and the outcome might disappoint me but, at the end of the day, the point is, I JUMPED.  And who knows, I might get something better in the end :)

Amazing Angkor Wat

Ces and I woke up real early just so we could see how even more magnificent Angkor Wat is with the different hues of sunrise as its background.

Breathtaking.  Just breathtaking.

Vietnam: Death by scooter, love by caffeine

Imagine Taft Avenue but instead of buses and jeepneys whizzing by, there are scooters.  Hundreds and hundreds of scooters.  That's Ho Chi Minh City for you.

We spent only one day in HCMC but 24 hours was enough for us to savor the energy of the city.  (That, and do a LOT of shopping! Haha.)  Here are some of tidbits about the city that got my attention.

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