I want!

The "BER" months are in!

Okay, fine.  So September's been around for 13 days now.  I'm late, so sue me haha.

Anyway, it's that time of the year when I, being the sometimes obsessive-compulsive freak that everyone knows, begin drafting my Christmas List.  I was having fun listing down what to give people for Christmas when I got distracted with the things I want for Christmas.  Okay so I've always wanted these things even if it ain't Christmas.  Whutever.  What's the diff? :p

Anyway (again), lest I forget my priorities (and in case my dear siblings are reading my blog hahaha), I'm listing down the things that I want to buy for myself (But really, if you want gift me with any of these soon, like next week maybe, I'm fine with it LOL).

1.  Crumpler Karachi Outpost Bag
A sturdy laptop AND camera backpack--so I can lug around both Perseus (my laptop) and Bono (my DSLR) minus the aching shoulder muscles.

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