Letting the stamps tell the stories

The Manila Metropolitan Theater.  The Post Office Building.  Intramuros.  These are just some of the places in Manila that we pass by almost every day but don't really pay attention to.  Places whose history goes way back to the early 1900's (or even earlier) and whose significance Filipinos have forgotten. And, shamefully enough, I'm one of those who have become detached to the historical significance of these buildings.

But, luckily, I got the chance to revisit these places and the rich stories that make them Manila's landmarks.  Thanks to Lawrence Chan's Postal Heritage Walking Tour.

This isn't your ordinary walking tour, though.  Lawrence is a stamp collector.  And using his collection of stamps as a map to these hidden gems of the past, Lawrence does not only revive the history of Manila but the art of philately as well.

And the best thing about the tour is--IT'S FREE.  All you have to bring is your enthusiasm and genuine desire to learn.

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