Feathers and blues

Daniel Fricke + Jennie Lee Nuptials

February 20, 2010

San Antonio de Padua Parish
Hacienda Isabella
Silang, Cavite

Wedding Coordinators:
ONCE Wedding Specialists

They're going to have beautiful babies, I thought as Daniel, a pure-blooded German, and Jennie, half-Chinese, half-Filipino, exchanged "I do's". It was a hot February afternoon. And I could see the couple's European guests, seated on one side of the church, fidgeting in their seats, probably due to the heat which they weren't accustomed to. But as the couple moved on to their personal vows, everyone was still--listening and getting teary-eyed with every word.

Seven things

There's a new blog fad going around.

It's called the Beautiful Blogger Award. Kisses back to Joei who gave me this award... *tear* Hahaha.

And so with every online award are corresponding rules:

  • Thanks and link up the person who gave you the award.
  • Pass this onto bloggers whom you think are fantastic.
  • Contact the bloggers and inform them they've won this fantabulous award.
  • State seven things about yourself.
And so I pass on this award to my fellow bloggers who, in their own rights, are beautiful wordsmiths and beautiful people: Jen of Sexy Nomad, Atticus of Tales of a Backpacker, I Gotta Go! of , well, I Gotta Go!, and Rain of Litol Figgy Went to Market.



And as for the seven things about myself, here are some insy-winsy Truths About Koryn:

  • I don't litter. It's something I actually feel guilty doing.
  • I'm addicted to stickers, post-it's, arts and craft materials, and colorful notebooks (even if sometimes, I don't have any use for them at all!)
  • My favorite Breakfast McDo mea: Sausage McMuffin with egg plus hot chocolate!
  • I like wearing colorful underwear.
  • No bland food for me. Either sweet or salty. Nothing in between.
  • I get cranky when its hot and I'm not at the beach.
  • Flip-flops are my staple footwear.
I could post more the rules require only seven :p And some of my other quirks, I'd rather keep to myself. Hihihi.

The loves of my life

They scream, they bite, they run, and they can turn a neat living room into a war zone. And I just love them to death! Meet my nephew and niece--Marsy and Danielle. They're living proofs that good looks and a few loose screws do run in the family...Hahaha!

Perseus got a dent :(

You know how it is when your gadget's new and you notice every minuscule dust, scratch, or fingerprint on it? Well, my boytoy, Perseus (a.k.a my one-month old Compaq Presario) got a dent :( I don't know how he got it, but it's there. It's not really that noticeable (it's not even a centimeter long) but I can see it every time I pull up the monitor. Boo.

Sorry, Perseus, baby. I'll take better care of you, promise.

Yogurt madness

I have a new favorite dessert--FROZEN YOGURT! It's not exactly new in the market but it's only recently that several fro-yo franchises opened in the Philippines. And last weekend, I got my fill of yogurt goodness from two of the more popular stores in town--Red Mango and The White Hat.

Red Mango: Authentic Frozen Yogurt.

For this round, I wanted to try the green tea flavored yogurt. But they ran out so I ordered a 60z regular-flavored fro-yo with kiwi toppings. Man, it was delish!

The sweetness of the kiwi paired well with the yogurt. Every spoonful was delectable!

My friend, Abby, ordered a 4oz strawberry-flavored fro-yo. I was enjoying mine so much, I forgot to try out hers. (Note to self: Order the strawberry flavored fro-yo next time.)

Fro-yo fun. Abby and I enjoying our tubs at Red Mango in Greenbelt 3.


Everytime I watch Glee, I fight the urge to stand up, dance, stretch my vocal chords, and sing! Sure, it's pretty stupid how Mr. Schuester didn't realize that his wife was faking her pregnancy 'til the last episode or how Finn believed he actually knocked Quinn up because his sperms swam all the way from his side of the hot tub to his girlfriend's ovaries, but hey, all the entertainment value makes up for the plot flaws.

And I just love how the producers seem to have the perfect song for every scene. I've long ago finished the whole season and still tune in to ETC every Sunday to catch its reruns. It's the perfect feel good series that would reenergize you and wake the performer in you (if there is one haha). Oh if only I had Rachel Berry's voice!

Anyhu, here's my GLEE-diction for the week. True Colors performed by the cast of Glee.



No other word can describe how I've been the past few days (or is it weeks already?). I wake up, I go where I'm supposed to go and do what I'm supposed to do. I don't have the drive to do more than what is asked of me. And I hate it.

I detest feeling like I'm just going through the motions. That is so unlike me.

There'll be times when I'd tell myself, no, this day should be different. Today, I'll be more productive. And for a couple hours, I'll feel revved up. But after a while, the energy dies down. I'm listless again.


I need motivation. Better yet, I need a vacation.

*Image taken from www.ictlessons.wikispaces.com

And so i blog again.

Oh, and it seems so long ago since I first set foot on the blog-o-sphere, ranting, raving, and talking about practically anything and everything my mind could put a twist to.

And I miss it.

So here I am, finding my way around the blogging world again, ready to unleash my thoughts and pollute cyberspace. Hahaha.

So stick around. And I might just tell you some of my deepest, darkest (and most hilarious) secrets ;)

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