There's a virus going around

And it's called "childhood memories".

Kudos to whoever thought of that cartoon-character-as-profile-pic  gimmick in Facebook.  Last night, I saw a friend change his profile pic into his favorite cartoon character from the 80's with the caption:

"Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday, there should be no human faces on Facebook but an invasion of memories. This is for VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN :)"

And in no less than15 minutes, I saw at lest 35 profile changes (me included!).  I had an inkling the the "violence against children" part was just a hoax.  But people were fast to follow the trend.  Why not? It's fun!  My office mates and I kept track of the changes and for every cartoon character that appeared, there was a corresponding childhood memory for me.  It made me feel warm and fuzzy all over (Yes, I'm cheesy that way :p).  I remember staying up during my supposed siesta time to watch cartoons.  I also remember my sister and I taking reign of the remote control and ejecting our parents from the sofa so we could find out where the "Flying House" would take us next or which Bible story would "Superbook" tell.

Up to now, people are still changing their profile photos and I suspect it's because they're also enjoying the "invasion of memories".  Here are some of the top favorites (Let's see if you still remember them!) :







Now wasn't that fun?  But I've yet to see "My Little Pony and Friends", "Gummi Bears", "Sky Commander", "G.I. Joe", "He-Man", and "She-Ra" photos!  How about you?  Who's your 80's or 90's cartoon persona? ;)


  1. I saw this thing going around FB but no one could really explain me why people were joining in on the bandwagon... Now if I knew the meaning behind it(I believe it's not really a hoax - why not get together and support a good cause, after all? ;-)) I'd at least consider joining!

  2. You have a point! I just don't know who started the fever or if there's actually and organization or group of people who's pushing for the cause :) But, if the cause is indeed genuine, then this is one effective campaign! Almost all my friends on FB have changed their profile pic already!

  3. Friend of mine who changed her profile pic to a cartoon posted an update, asking everyone to change back to their "normal" pics....turns out that a pedophilia syndicate was behind this campaign daw, they reasoned that children would be more likely to accept friend requests from other FB members with cartoon profile pics.

    True kaya?

  4. Oh wow, really? This is the first time I've heard of that. Hmmm...Let's see what we can dig up online.


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