Dear Marsy and Danielle...

Soul siblings.  (L) Marsy and (R) Danielle
lost in their own little playworld.
Being a kid is the easiest thing in the world.  I should know.  Ate Ains (that's your mom, Danielle) claims it was easier for me because I was allegedly the spoiled princess in the house ( I still contest but for the purpose of this blog, I will concede in the meantime!).    How I wish I had enough senses then to appreciate that "easiness", because if I had, I would've probably done everything I could to prolong my childhood.

Anyway, before you ask your sometimes-loony but gorgeous Ninang Koryn what's the point of this entry (You cannot argue with the gorgeous part or else no gifts for you in the future! Haha :p), I'll get right to it.  Contrary to popular belief, I've more than shopping tips and The Art of Drinking lessons to offer to you both (Although, you can rely on me for that too! Oops.  I hope your parents aren't reading this hahaha).

Anyway (again), here are some advice I hope you find sane enough to follow in the future.

Don't take your afternoon naps for granted.  I know I used to.  I remember going to my room, faking my sleep, and then sneaking into Ate Ainna's room to read her Sweet Valley pocketbooks (That's how I got hooked to the series!)  I used to think, sleeping is such a waste of time! Twenty years after, I wish I still had time for afternoon naps.

Nowadays, I'm lucky if actually get six hours worth of sleep at night.

How the addiction started.  Reading my sister's Sweet Valley High pocketbooks was how I spent my supposed afternoon naps.
Enjoy your vacations! When you become an adult, summer vacations won't mean two months of no classes anymore.  The most would be a week off from work.  Adult vacations have been reduced to mere out of town weekenders.  I miss the days when your grandparents would deport me to Sto. Domingo, Albay and leave me with our aunties for a month or two.  
Quality time with the cousins.  Some of the best years of my childhood were spent in Sto. Domingo where we'd spend the whole day at the beach with my cousins and play patintero at night.
Appreciate your allowance.  No matter how small it is! I remember thinking how fun it would be to earn my own money someday.  Now that I am earning my own money, I realized, it ain't all that!  Don't get me wrong.  I'm thankful for all the financial blessings and that I get to do and buy most of the things that I want now.  But I have to work for it.  The only work I had to do then was beg my dad (Your Lolo) to give my allowance a raise.

Appreciate living with your parents.  When I was in college, I was envious of my blockmates who were living in a dorm or in a condo unit.  They got to party and do everything that they wanted to.  My parents wouldn't let me.  Your Lolo would rather pick me up at school no matter how late it is than let me live away from home.  After I graduated, I went off to live on my own since work was far, far away from our house.  And how I miss home! Sure, being independent and all is cool.  But I miss waking up to cooked breakfast,  having someone do my laundry and clean (really clean, if you know what I mean) my room.

Spend as much time with your family as you can.  It's inevitable.  There will come a time when you would think hanging out with your folks is too uncool (that would be during your adolescence, methinks).  And when you become much older, you'd think some things are more important than being with your family.  When I began working in 2003 to 2004, there would be times when a month would pass before I go home to Laguna.  I always thought, there'll be other weekends to see my family.  I actually owe you an apology, Marsy, because that was around the time your were born.  Anyway, I got past that stage and now, I make it a point to go home every weekend.  I couldn't bear the thought of missing seeing the two of you grow up :)  Even if most of the time you ransack my room in the process hahaha.

Mission Ransack Ninang's Room.  That's you, Danielle, doing one of you favorite pasttimes--going through my clothes, makeup, and toiletteries!
Don't hurry growing up.  I know some people who, while they were in high school, couldn't wait to be in college. And when they went to college, they couldn't wait to get their degrees and start working.  DON'T. BE. LIKE. THAT.    Once you reach your mid-twenties, you'll have forever to be a grown-up.  Childhood and youth, on the other hand, happen only once.  I was lucky that my parents gave me a happy childhood and that I enjoyed my teenage years.  So now, whenever shit hits the fan, I have those happy memories to go back to and re-energize myself with. 

So there.  The list could go on, but, really, at the end of the day, all the lessons you'd need to learn would be from your own experience.  And I know you two would be smart enough to appreciate those lessons (Hello, genes?? Hahaha).  These are just some salient points from my own experience which, I hope, would make even the tiniest of sense to you :)

Ninang Koryn

Quality time with Ninang.   Don't hurry growing up, kiddos ;) It's still too early for Ninang to miss your inanities.


  1. I love this post, very well-written! One of my favorite posts of yours. :-)

    Anyway, completely agree with "Appreciate living with your parents." It was so easy back then when I didn't have to care about washing dishes or ironing clothes - or heck, cleaning the bathroom!

    And completely agree with the afternoon naps part, too. Maybe I would have grown to my tallest potential had I followed this. :-P

    The Manila Girl

  2. Thanks! It's probably because I really meant every line :)

    It was fun playing house then, but not so fun anymore when you have to do it for real hahaha.

    Adulthood, how and when did it happen? :p

  3. Don't hurry growing up --- how true! :) dapat sinabi 'to sa akin ng mga magulang ko! ngayon lolang-lola na ko! hahaha.

  4. What a sweet, lovely letter, Koryn!! You mention all the right things. You also made me realize why I wouldn't miss living on my own - I've been helping mom clean the whole apartment ever since I was old enough to hold and manipulate a wet cloth lol Anyways, I enjoyed reading this letter fo yours :)

    P.S. As for the vacation, I don't disclose it for privacy reasons, since I mention certain things that have to do with other people too and not just me. But, if you absolutely have to know, send me an email ;)

  5. MYETCH: If only we knew then what adulthood really meant! Hahaha.

    JULIA: Thanks! You're lucky you still get to live with your mom. Living away from home can be cool and all, but at the end of the day, nothing beats having your folks around :) Especially when you're sick! Hahaha.

  6. there are very rare times in this planet...that you make sense. rare, this post.


    rare indeed.

  7. MIRANDA: Thank you! I love you too! Hehehe.

  8. awesome letter. Will let Heaven read it too. :)

  9. This is so good can u make more.............pls. :) And this is Mars Kuya Carlo :)


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