Colors of 2010

I could write about the stuff I did, the adventures I braved, and the lessons I learned the whole year.  But I'd rather tell you the best way I know how--through photos :)
January.  Explored the breathtaking crater of Mount Pinatubo.

January.  Played wedding coordinator to a  high school best friend who got married :)
January.  Reconnected and bonded with high school friends.
February.  Saw my darling niece turn a year older and my adorable nephew become a protective older brother figure.
February.  Met one of the few living staunch supporters of Ninoy Aquino who fought with him from the day he became senator 'til even after he was assassinated--former senator Eva Kalaw.
March.  Soaked in my first blast of UV rays in Puerto Galera.
April.  Turned a year older and, hopefully, a year wiser ;)
April.  Ziplined in Lignon Hill with the magnificent Mayon Volcano as my backdrop.
April.  Swam with the whalesharks of Donsol.
April.  Played with the deers of Camarines Sur.
April.  Explored the numerous islands of the Caramoan Peninsula.
May.  Became part of the biggest, most interactive, and most technologically advanced election coverage in Philippine history.
June.  Felt like a kid again and enjoyed Genting Highlands with The Brat and my mom.
June.  Went on a food trip in Malaysia with the Sister Extraordinaire, the Brat, and my mom.
July.  Rekindled my love for reggae and Brownman Revival.
July.  Explored Manila and its hidden gems of the past.
July.  Went on a gastronomic trip in Binondo.
September.  Had a blast bonding with my :) 
September.  Celebrated a milestone in my career which came in unexpected circumstances!
November.  Watched the sunset in Boracay.
November.  Enjoyed the island with some of my closest and dearest.
October.  Became a certified diver!
November.  Took in the scenery and the fresh mountain air in the strawberry fields of La Trinidad, Benguet.
November.  Further explored the majestic underwater world of Anilao.

Here's to more adventures, laughs, and milestones in 2011!  *clink!*


  1. you got one really colorful year koryn! cheers to more colors and snaps in 2011 :)

  2. Thanks Stells! Let's rock 2011! ;)

  3. Wow, Koryn!! Your 2010 looks SO mindblowingly colorful!! Such color-powerful pictures, pure gorgeousness!! Here's to an even brighter and happier 2011!!

  4. Thanks Julia! Really looking forward to even more colorful adventures that 2011 holds for us! More things to be thankful for, right? ;)

  5. hindi naman pala masyadong napuno ng adventures ang 2010 mo, noh? shlight lang. hahaha! here's to 2011!

  6. Hindi naman masyado. Bitin nga eh hahaha. Can't wait for what 2011 has to offer! ;)

  7. ang saya ng pic niyo nina madel.

  8. Wonderful way of recapturing 2010, Koryn. I ust might make one scrapbook of all my adventures too. :)

  9. P.S. Koryn, I'm interviewed about my project on radio this Sunday, so if you get a chance to check it out it would be super cool :) I'd love to hear your opinion on my first publi radio speaking haha All info can be found in my latest post:

  10. Wow, Julia, that is simply AWESOME! Only goes to say how much your project is positively affecting people :)

    Didn't get to chance to tune in, but by any chance, can we download a recorded version (maybe something like a podcast) of your interview? :)

  11. MIRANDA: Marami pa yan! :D

    MER: Go, go! It's fun looking back at how much you've done and see through photos :) Makes you even more excited about the things to come!


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