I want!

The "BER" months are in!

Okay, fine.  So September's been around for 13 days now.  I'm late, so sue me haha.

Anyway, it's that time of the year when I, being the sometimes obsessive-compulsive freak that everyone knows, begin drafting my Christmas List.  I was having fun listing down what to give people for Christmas when I got distracted with the things I want for Christmas.  Okay so I've always wanted these things even if it ain't Christmas.  Whutever.  What's the diff? :p

Anyway (again), lest I forget my priorities (and in case my dear siblings are reading my blog hahaha), I'm listing down the things that I want to buy for myself (But really, if you want gift me with any of these soon, like next week maybe, I'm fine with it LOL).

1.  Crumpler Karachi Outpost Bag
A sturdy laptop AND camera backpack--so I can lug around both Perseus (my laptop) and Bono (my DSLR) minus the aching shoulder muscles.

It also has all those extra compartments where I can stash a couple of personal items.

The compartments can be reconfigured so it can also be used as a simple backpack if needed.  It's also water-resistant.

2.  Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home
For when I'm on a shoot and I just need Bono and a couple of personal items with me.
It can fit a couple of lenses inside and, if the compartments are reconfigured properly, can fit two cameras.

3.  Nikon SB600 flash
Because I want better lighting when I take photos at night (Arte.  I know right? :p)

4.  The perfect brown leather sling bag
Perfect for traveling.  Perfect for any outfit.  Just perfect.  Grabbed this pic from my friend, Abby's site because her bag is just...perfect hahaha.

5.  Sanuk.  Sanuk.  And more Sanuk!
Did I say I'm addicted to Sanuk?

6.  A round trip ticket to Greece
I wonder if my "bente-bente" technique would help me save enough money for a trip to Santorini or Mykonos?  Calling Miranda! 

This trip is actually slated for 2013 (*cross fingers*) but as early as now I'm already sending my "I've been a nice girl" vibes to dear Ol' Santa.

I mean, how can you not dream of going here?

7.  Jennifer Aniston's body
 Svelte with boobs and butt. 'Nuf said.

I know you can't buy me a body like Jen's but a Bikram Yoga gift certificate would do :p

With that kind of body, I wouldn't have to worry about finding the right clothes that would hide my, er, baby fats hahaha. And I'm tired of hearing people tell me "Ang taba mo na!"  Grrr.  The next person who tells me that will get a whiplash!

Haha, just kidding.

No, really.  I'm not.

ANYWAY (for the umpteenth time), it's time to go back to the list I was originally making.  Let's just wait and see what I get to check off this list first ;)


  1. ang taba mo na! (hahahaha. di pa nga kita nakikita e. :p)

    ako nang bahala sa number 7. hahanapin ko lang muna si fairy godmother. :)

  2. i started bikram na kanina! grabe, i didn't realize i was so out of shape. muntik na kong himatayin haha samantalang three years ago sisiw lang sakin ang bikram!

    man. signs of aging :p

  3. Hi Koryn
    Thanks for the link!
    Bikram helped me to lose a lot of weight when I practice it awhile back haha
    Kaso tinamad na ako haha

  4. practiced bikram for a month some three years ago. it was easier then. when i tried it again just this week, grabe! haha. i had to sit out several times.

  5. How diverse your wants are, gotta love that!! And Jen looks absolutely amazingly gorgeous in this photo - I always loved this oen of her, she's one hot thing for sure!!

  6. hey julia!
    yep, jen's been my idol eversince. lean yet curvy. i think aside from intense workout, she does yoga. no pain no gain right? ;)

  7. I want to go back! I hope to get back into shape!

  8. where did you take bikram yoga classes before? :)

  9. Ah yah. Koryn, when are you free? Take pix na of Heaven!

    hmm, your wishlist is nice...akin yata dalawa lang. great job abroad which can allow me to bring Heaven and good health for my family, friends and loved ones.

  10. 'Til when will you be in Manila? :)

    Really? Abroad? Where in particular?

  11. If you'll receive two Nikon SB600 flash, I'll accept one wholeheartedly :)

  12. CAPTAIN RUNNER: gladly noted! :) haha.

  13. Wow, ang dami mo gusto sa Christmas. I only got one wish, to buy that adidas shoes that I wanted :)

  14. kung ibibente-bente mo rin ang greece, taon ang bibilangin mo. mag-ipon ka na para mapabilis. :)

  15. MINNIE RUNNER: i doubt i'll get them all by christmas haha. so did you finally get your shoes? ;)

    MIRANDA: nag-iipon naman ako hehe :)


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