Project 365

It's 365 days of Koryn and everything in between!

Yep.  You read it right, folks.  365 days.  But don't worry.  This project ain't gonna be all about me.

So what IS Project 365?

Well, the idea is you take one picture everyday of anything and everything around you.  Yeah, seems tedious but I realized, Joei is right.  It's an interesting way to remind yourself to slow down and breathe.  AND, if I can commit myself to this one for a year, who knows what other ventures I can commit to?

For this project, I'm housing my photos over at at 'coz FB and other networking sites do a lousy job of compressing photos.

You'll also see a slideshow of my photos on the widget box over there at right side of this blog.

SO.  Enough yada-yada.  For the launching of my project, do check out my first photo here.  Enjoy and watch out for 364 more days of shutterbuggin'!


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