Nak Muay

BLOGGER'S NOTE:  As of 2011, Nak Muay has already closed down.

I love discovering new places to eat at.  And it's a bonus if the dishes are delish but cheap.  A good example is this Thai restaurant that recently opened near our office--the Nak Muay.

The term nak muay refers to the practitioner of the sport muay thai, Thailand's national sport.

"Muay Thai is a hard martial art from Thailand.  It is similar to other Indochinese styles of kickboxing, namely pradal serey from Cambodia, tomoi from Malaysia, lethwei from Myanmar, and muay lao from Laos."

In my case, the only sport I'm good at is eating, hahaha (I wonder if they have an official term for that? :p).  Anyway, Nak Muay's ambience is far from the more popular Benjarong restaurant at the Dusit Thani hotel in Makati.  But their tasty and affordable dishes make up for the average resto interiors.

For dinner, my officemates and I ordered varying dishes.  But of course we couldn't do without Thailand's version of the Pinoy sinigang--the tom yam.

 Tom yam goong.  Php135, good for 2pax. 

We enjoyed the soup's perfect fusion of sour and spicy with a tinge of sweetness which, I learned, was because of the coconut milk.

Since it was my first time to eat at this resto, I ordered a safe bet for the main dish--bagoong rice with pandan chicken.

  Bagoong rice with pandan chicken. Php105, good for 1pax.

For a hundred peso-plus meal, it wasn't bad at all.  The pandan chicken looks deceivingly small but inside those wraps are actually two chunky pieces of meat.  And the rice, oh the rice!  The rice is already a dish in itself.  It tasted like every granule was coated with bagoong.  And it's salty taste blended well with it's green mango topping.

One of my officemates also ordered a bagoong rice meal but this time with chicken and basil.

Bagoong rice with chicken and basil.  Php105, good for 1pax.
I didn't get to taste it but I was told it was good as well.

For my drink, I ordered the thai iced milk tea.  I'm a fan of milk teas and this particular one didn't disappoint.  Just the right amount of sweetness mixed with a hint of bitterness.

Thai iced milk tea.  Php80, good for one.

Aside from the ones we ordered, Nak Muay's menu also offers a variety of satay and noodle dishes.  Some of which I'm eager to try during my next visit :)


Nak Muay
Mother Ignacia Place
Mo. Ignacia St., Quezon City
*Located right across ABS-CBN Corp.


  1. Yes! MIP is getting up to its image of being THE PLACE TO BE! :) - mailah

  2. haha, true! lumelevel na siya sa across the hospital bar sa grey's anatomy! ;p

  3. YEY! that's my friend's resto! :) Good job, Choy & Van! :) Thanks for this wonderful entry! :D

  4. uy uy. parang gusto kong subukan yan a. nagutom tuloy ako.

  5. Hi ERIN! (Abby's friend, right? :) ) i enjoyed the food. and affordable pa!

  6. RAIN...go go! malapit lang siya sa office kabilang bakod lang hehehe.

  7. if ever mapadpad ka sa QC area, go for it! ;)

  8. I'm very interested...i just might go hunt this place down when I'm in Manila next time.. :-)

  9. go go ;) the food's very affordable. the bagoong rice is a must-try!

  10. hi MRS. MARTINEZ!
    milk tea's the best!


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