Malaysia: A culinary tour

You've never really been to a country unless you've tried their local cuisine.  So everytime I go on a trip, FOOD is always the first order of business.

During our trip to Malaysia, we had a couple of hits and misses with the dishes we ordered.  Except for the Nasi Lemak, Malaysia doesn't seem to have a lot of cuisines they can really call their own.  Nevertheless, the Sister and I enjoyed trying out different stuff.

Nasi Lemak.

This dish is considered a national heritage in Kuala Lumpur.  Because of its versatilty, the dish is served even during breakfast.  That big red glob on the side of the plate is actually chili.  I find the Nasi Lemak best eaten by combining a slice of chicken meat with rice, chili, boiled egg, cucumber and dilis.  While the chicken actually just tastes like our very own kaldereta, the chili, and dilis makes it more flavorful.

Curry Laksa.

We hit the jackpot when we ordered this dish.  It's actually a noodle soup with curry as its base.  It's sweet and very spicy at the same time.  The curry wasn't at all overpowering and it perfectly coated the tofu and shrimp in the soup.

Barbecue chicken noodles.

What can go wrong with barbecue chicken noodles? ;)

For our next round of food trippin', we went to Petaling Street, KL's Chinatown.  I read that Petaling Street becomes more alive at night when the vendors put out their best items and serve their best dishes.

For dinner, we went to the Tang City Food Court.  We had a difficult time choosing from the variety of dishes from the different stalls around the food court. 

Finally, we settled for the roasted pork and roasted chicken with chicken rice.

Roasted pork with chicken rice.

Roasted chicken with chicken rice.

Covered in sweet sauce, the pork and chicken meat itself tastes bland.  It's the chili sauce that actually gives flavor to the dish. 

The great chili sauce.

But of course, no dish would be complete without drinks to match!  The Sister has been talking non-stop about this supposedly delicious and refreshing longgan iced tea.  So we searched the whole of Chinatown for it.  After checking several alleys, we finally found it--The Great Longgan Iced Tea stall.

When we got there, there was already a long queu in front of the stall.  It must be pretty good, I thought.  Finally, we got to buy our own cups.  And after I took the first sip, I was instantly addicted. 

Basically, it tastes like our very own sago gulaman but with real longgan which gives it a fruity twist. The Sister and I were so addicted to it we ordered four in a row.

Safe to say, food in Malaysia is not of its best attractions.  But it's you'd be missing a lot if you at least don't give them a try ;)


  1. yummm~~ i love ordering the bbq noodles, satay, kaya toasts and chicken rice. so yummy.

  2. ♡u8mypinkc00kies♡: then malaysia is the place for you! :)

  3. eating is love. hehehe :)
    and we wonder why we're gaining weight :p

  4. made me miss Malaysia. huhuhuhu...

  5. mer! where in malaysia did you stay ba? KL mismo? :)

  6. The food in your pictures looks so good!! You even managed to make the chilie sauce look especially appealing!!

  7. hey, julia! i love taking photos as much as i love eating them! ;)

    thanks for dropping by. will link you up, ok? :)

  8. I concur about the food not being one of its best attractions. When we went there we found everything either too spicy or completely bland. :( But but but they look good in pictures ha? Hehe.

  9. it's like a bad hybrid of chinese and indonesian food noh? hehehe.

    the best lang talaga 'yung longgan iced tea hehehe.

  10. and thanks again, I have never been to Malaysia, but I enjoyed this wonderful presentataion of yours:-))


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