Koryn Iledan is now back to her regular programming

Sorry folks, the past month has been uber busy what with all the election stuff going around.  Sleep didn't seem to be an option.  Neither was rest.  So forgive my cyber-absence.  Looking through my long "To Blog" list, I feel so ashamed for neglecting my site for almost a month *covers face then cowers in a corner*.  But I'm back!  And I feel pretty inspired.  Aside from my pending posts I'm also cooking up a new photography project.  So sit back, relax, and watch out for my upcoming inanities ;)  Ciao!


  1. the "To Blog" list is a good idea...where do you usually place it? lol, i keep writing on post-its, and then i end up not reading the note pages that i put them on.

  2. hey sonia! i usually "jot" it down on my phone. problem is, sometimes, when an idea pops up you're usually excited to blog about it. but when you aren't able to for a long time, the excitement fizzles down and you end up not blogging about it haha.


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