Choose wisely

Seven days 'til the elections.  Have you made up your mind yet?

You don't need to be an election officer, a watchdog volunteer, or a media man to be a part of history this coming elections.

Read up on your candidates.  Think.  Rethink.  Choose.  Then go out.  Vote.  And then become a part of the change that will shape our history.

Remember the date:  
MAY 10, 2010.


  1. oo nga!
    JOJO BINAY -- hindi pa namin siya nage-guest.
    NICK PERLAS -- wala raw talaga siyang bowler i.d. kasi harmful for the environment.
    LOREN LEGARDA -- naubusan ako haha.
    EDU MANZANO -- meron ba siya? :p
    JC DE LOS REYES -- wala rin ata siya
    JAMBY MADRIGAL -- ayoko, kasi may perlas perlas 'yung sa kanya hahaha!

  2. Pascual Racuyal wala? (Itanong mo kay JJ. Inabot nya yon.)

  3. hahaha! sino 'yun? buhay na ba 'ko nun? :p

  4. Great post Koryn. :-) and i love the tags!

  5. thanks, sonia! :) kulang pa 'yan. hoping to complete all the bowler tags this week. ayoko lang talaga 'yung kay jamby kasi may mga burloloy pa haha.

  6. mother!!! i'm trying to get rid of my blogger's block. made an entry but i'm not yet 100%. weird. i have tons of things to write about but i just couldn't bring myself to blog about it. what is wrong with me?!?! hehehe.

    anyway, i love your collection of bracelets. hehehe. but true, choose wisely. who's your candidate?

  7. wait, where's jamby's bracelet? :))

  8. ayoko ilagay yung jamby bracelet, panira hehehe.

    re my candidate: i have two in mind. i'll DM you in twitter haha.

    akshully, among all the top presidential candidates, i have no problem with either of them winning...except for one hehe. DM ko rin :p


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