Eto pa!

I still remember that day, five years ago, when I entered that small, laid-back bar down Timog Avenue and was introduced to the sensual reggae beats of the band known as Brownman Revival.  That was the day  reggae changed my life forever...Hahaha.  A bit overdramatic, yes, but anybody who knows me knows how much of a reggae fanatic I am.  Actually, BMR-fanatic is more like it.  I used to spend every Friday night at Xaymaca and follow BMR's gigs around the metro and even in the provinces.  Heck, I even watched their performance at the SOP Music Awards with Angela, Patricia, Peter, and Jen!  My attendance was perfect.

Lately, though, I haven't been able to go their gigs as much as I used to.  And last night, when The Favorite Band launched their third album, "Eto Pa"--a mini-EP with six fresh tracks--I was stuck at work and missed the whole thing (which, I was told, was one helluva reggae party!).  Fortunately, my friends Madel, PJ, and Brix were there.  I was totally bummed about missing the album launch when PJ and Brix did the sweetest thing and got me a belated birthday gift--an "Eto Pa" CD signed by all the band members.  Whoopee!

Got it this morning and was super duper elated!

 Reggae high.  After "Steady Lang" and "Ayos Din" comes Brownman Revival's third album,  "Eto Pa". 

I still miss going to The Favorite Band's gigs but this will do for now.  Thanks, guys!  You're the best ;) 

Dino, the lead vocalist.
Dennis, the drummer.
Alphy, the lead guitarist.
 Jao, the bassist.
 January, the percussionist.
 Onard, the keyboardist.
 Ambet on trumpets.
 Jayson on trombones.
 Jason on saxophones.


  1. I'm an old fashioned head banger. d ko hilig reggae pero baka subukan ko pakinggan ito. may nag sa sax? hilig ko din yun. iba nga lang ang vowel.

  2. MER...taraaaaa! dalaw ka na manila :)

  3. TK...i'll send you mp3s from the first album :) 'yun muna pakinggan mo kasi i think it's their best. text me your email addy!

  4. Waaahhhh I'm so inggeeeetttttt!!!!!!!


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