April Fool's Day

Twenty-eight years ago, a fool was born.  And the world was never the same....


Twenty-eight years of existence in this world, and I've still got so much to figure out about myself.  Yes, sometimes I worry that I may never fully discover what I'm meant to do or what purpose I'm destined to serve but then, I look around and I see the people I have in my life and the worries disappear.  For all the people I've lost, there are the new friends and loved ones I've gained.  And for all the people who've stayed with me through all my dreams, nightmares, and through all the beauty and ugliness of the past, THANK YOU.  Another year in this world means another year of exploring life for all its wonderful possibilities.

Love, love! :)

Pre-April Fool's Nomnom.  A celebration with my newfound sisters :)


  1. ika nga ni ruffa, love, love, love, peace, peace, peace! :p

  2. friend...hindi ko alam 'yun! syet, mas updated ka pa sa'kin sa showbiz! aminin mo na hahaha!

  3. hahaha! belated happy birthday mother!

  4. thanks, mother! glad to see you back in cyberspace! ;)


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