The Caramoan Peninsula

I first learned about the Caramoan Peninsula back in 2006 while I was doing research for a summer special about the unexplored wonders of the Philippines.  Eversince, Caramoan has been on my list of "Must Go Places".  Finally, after years of waiting, I (along with some of my favorite people in the whoooole world!) got to explore the dozens of beautiful island found northeast of Camarines Sur.

And after two days of island hopping, all I could say was, "Ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas!"

I'm still sorting through the gazillion photos I took from the trip (as well as the ones from our weekend with the  whaleshark interaction).  But for now, here are a couple of snaps which, hopefully, will not only entice you to visit the peninsula, but be proud of our islands as well :)

Eto pa!

I still remember that day, five years ago, when I entered that small, laid-back bar down Timog Avenue and was introduced to the sensual reggae beats of the band known as Brownman Revival.  That was the day  reggae changed my life forever...Hahaha.  A bit overdramatic, yes, but anybody who knows me knows how much of a reggae fanatic I am.  Actually, BMR-fanatic is more like it.  I used to spend every Friday night at Xaymaca and follow BMR's gigs around the metro and even in the provinces.  Heck, I even watched their performance at the SOP Music Awards with Angela, Patricia, Peter, and Jen!  My attendance was perfect.

Lately, though, I haven't been able to go their gigs as much as I used to.  And last night, when The Favorite Band launched their third album, "Eto Pa"--a mini-EP with six fresh tracks--I was stuck at work and missed the whole thing (which, I was told, was one helluva reggae party!).  Fortunately, my friends Madel, PJ, and Brix were there.  I was totally bummed about missing the album launch when PJ and Brix did the sweetest thing and got me a belated birthday gift--an "Eto Pa" CD signed by all the band members.  Whoopee!

Got it this morning and was super duper elated!

 Reggae high.  After "Steady Lang" and "Ayos Din" comes Brownman Revival's third album,  "Eto Pa". 

Shopping takes a back seat

The Sister is right.  Running helps clear your thoughts.  Whether it's the constant motion or the endorphins, it helps.  I normally turn to shopping for therapy.  But since I don't have time (not to mention the moolah) right now, running is the perfect sub.  Whenever I can, I wake up early and take advantage of that one hour of running (or brisk walking) which gives me the opportunity to think about something other than my current frustrations (Damn them frustrations! Haha.)

Oh, and rock music helps.

My current default playlist consists of your everyday head-bangin' rock tunes, some of which are from the early 90's.

Tainted Love (Ramones)
Selling the Drama (Live)
I Alone (Live)
Lightning Crashes (Live)
All Over You (Live)
About A Girl (Nirvana)
All Apologies (Nirvana)
Champagne Supernova (Oasis)
Wonderwall (Oasis)
No Rain (Blind Melon)
1979 (Smashing Pumpkins)
Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots)
Sweet Child of Mine (Guns N' Roses)

Mehn.  This ain't good.  The last time my Rockumentary playlist was on repeat mode, I ended up throwing soda bottles at the Baywalk beachbreak.  Haha.


I need 'em positive vibes soon.

Running in style.  I want--the Nike Free 5.0 V4 Women's Running shoes.

April Fool's Day

Twenty-eight years ago, a fool was born.  And the world was never the same....


Twenty-eight years of existence in this world, and I've still got so much to figure out about myself.  Yes, sometimes I worry that I may never fully discover what I'm meant to do or what purpose I'm destined to serve but then, I look around and I see the people I have in my life and the worries disappear.  For all the people I've lost, there are the new friends and loved ones I've gained.  And for all the people who've stayed with me through all my dreams, nightmares, and through all the beauty and ugliness of the past, THANK YOU.  Another year in this world means another year of exploring life for all its wonderful possibilities.

Love, love! :)

Pre-April Fool's Nomnom.  A celebration with my newfound sisters :)

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