It's summer!

My sun, sand, and my San Mig Light ;)


  1. hey KRI, I'm planning to take them to donsol this holy week after passing through CWC. hindi ba delikado daan don? and are there any other activities there aside from Butanding watching (and babe watching)? kumusta facilities? any recommendations? (Tight budget... as in JJ tight)

  2. hey TK! the route to donsol is very safe especially because it's now a premiere ecotourism destination. aside from butanding interaction there's also firefly watching at night. you can also go to the nearby ticao island in masbate.

    marami nga lang tao sa holy week and marami kayong kaagaw sa butanding sighthings hehe. you could try vitton beach. reasonable naman ang price nila, although in general, medyo mataas ng unti ang rates sa resorts sa donsol. i'll send you the contact info.

  3. love it mother!
    wish i could sunbasking also. good thing the cooold weather is over here. lots of people in the swimming pool area now ;)

  4. mother! you're still there? akala ko you were going home na from your fb shoutout from the airport hahaha.

    i just loooove summer! ;)

  5. YO KRI! where's my email re: contact info?

  6. very cool shot! enjoy the summer&sun:-)))


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