No other word can describe how I've been the past few days (or is it weeks already?). I wake up, I go where I'm supposed to go and do what I'm supposed to do. I don't have the drive to do more than what is asked of me. And I hate it.

I detest feeling like I'm just going through the motions. That is so unlike me.

There'll be times when I'd tell myself, no, this day should be different. Today, I'll be more productive. And for a couple hours, I'll feel revved up. But after a while, the energy dies down. I'm listless again.


I need motivation. Better yet, I need a vacation.

*Image taken from www.ictlessons.wikispaces.com


  1. hey bru, am going on a dumaguete-apo-siquijor trip this feb 20-23 with gay, stella and debby (although debby is not sure at this time because bro has its never ending demands and might have to rebook together with her bf). let me know if you're interested. for a change, different company this time and this might what you actually need right now ;) i have the itinerary all set, you will just have to book and enjoy. sounds good? text/call me. miss you! --abby o.

  2. for a zombie, this chick rockin' kicks (I had to borrow that from mylie cyrus.)

  3. ABBYGURL...aw, shucks i have a wedding on the 20th! but i do wanna go on an out of town trip with you! let's plan! sana matuloy 'yung lunch natin nina jean 'diba para we can plan naman haha.

  4. TK...haha, you always know the right words (and don't even sound corny saying them! :p)

  5. Go have a vacation, gurl! You deserve it! :-)

  6. JEN...i plan to! i hope i can spend one with you guys soon! :D

  7. started from latest entry to this. nice read. spent over an hour reading. thank you.


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