Yogurt madness

I have a new favorite dessert--FROZEN YOGURT! It's not exactly new in the market but it's only recently that several fro-yo franchises opened in the Philippines. And last weekend, I got my fill of yogurt goodness from two of the more popular stores in town--Red Mango and The White Hat.

Red Mango: Authentic Frozen Yogurt.

For this round, I wanted to try the green tea flavored yogurt. But they ran out so I ordered a 60z regular-flavored fro-yo with kiwi toppings. Man, it was delish!

The sweetness of the kiwi paired well with the yogurt. Every spoonful was delectable!

My friend, Abby, ordered a 4oz strawberry-flavored fro-yo. I was enjoying mine so much, I forgot to try out hers. (Note to self: Order the strawberry flavored fro-yo next time.)

Fro-yo fun. Abby and I enjoying our tubs at Red Mango in Greenbelt 3.

Red Mango Servings and Prices
4oz. = Php80.00
6oz. = Php115.00
80z. = Php150.00
Family Size = Php22

1 Topping costs Php20.00, 2 for Php30.00, and 3 for Php40.00

Store Locations

2/F, Greenbelt 3
G/F, Bldg. A, SM Megamall
2/F, Central Park Veranda, Eastwood Mall

The White Hat: Italian Frozen Yogurt.

Immediately the next day, I took another trip to fro-yo heaven when my sibs and I went out for a movie. My sister, Ate Ains, was apparently more of a fro-yo addict than I. So after buying our tickets, we went to The White Hat in Alabang Town Center to satisfy our cravings.

I kept raving about Red Mango but my sister kept insisting that she liked The White Hat better. And when we entered the store, I figured out why.

What to get, what to get? Ate Ains and Conrad ordering (and paying haha) for our fro-yos.

They had way more choices for toppings--strawberries, kiwis, choco balls, mangos, grapes, pineapples, peaches, Mandarin oranges, Oreos, cranberries, fruity pebbles, granola, and more. There were too many, I had a hard time deciding! (Oh, the dilemmas :p) So, in the end, I opted for a 6oz regular-flavored fro-yo with kiwi and mangoes for toppings.

My White Hat fro-yo. I'll be more adventurous next time, promise ;)

Fro-yo madness.

So there. I found myself a new food addiction. A bit pricey for daily consumption but not bad for weekly binging :p And the best part of it all is, it's.....


So if you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you go to the nearest Red Mango or The White Hat store and treat yourself to some fro-yo heaven and see what I'm talking about ;)

The White Hat Servings and Price
4oz. = Php85.00
60z. = Php115.00

1 Topping costs Php20.00, 2 for Php35.00, and 3 for Php45.00.

Store Locations
G/F, Shangri-La Plaza
2/F, Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
2/F, New Annex Bldg., SM North EDSA
Basement, Rustan's Supermarket, Makati



  1. like like like! nice food photography :) food review mo rin yung paella natin sa casa armas. super sarap!!! hehehe. great seeing you last sat. sana matuloy lahat ng mga pinagusapan natin. see you soon and hopefully by then i have a share of kilig stories to tell ;-)

  2. i'm pretty sure you will ;)

    oo nga, sana matuloy! at least nairaos na natin ang lunch haha. hopefully, out of town na next! :D

    yep, will post the paella pics also. syet, i'm suddenly craving for it :p

  3. I luuurve frozen yogurt! I'm a fro-yo addict!!! You should try Tutti Frutti... we found it in Megamall... they have flavored yogurt, you can combine and put as much toppings as you want... price is 19 pesos per oz... it's tricky, coz you get excited and before you know it you're paying 300 pesos worth of fro-yo!!!! My personal fave is White Hat!

  4. T and i are obsessed with yogurt! ;) was supposed to do a yogurt entry, too. but i'm just so busy nowadays. leaving this week!

  5. ATE AINS...i'll try other flavors next time! they'll be putting up a fro-yo stall here in abs, i don't know nga lang if it'll be as good.

  6. JOEI...weeeeeee! enjoy your trip! :D sayang about the butanding-caramoan, pero may next time pa naman! buy your acgs na para may gagamitin ka when you and T go to pinatubo hehehe.

  7. Try mo Tutti Frutti, but sa SM megamall lang yata meron nun. Lots of flavors ng yogurt and mas madaming choices of toppings. Self-service sya so you can mix different flavors, and also, toppings all you want. You pay 19 pesos per oz. Super overwhelmed ako nung 1st time that umabot ako ng 10oz. haha ;p

  8. i got to watch percy jackson na. ok naman ah! galing nga how they incorporated the pearls eh (na supposedly was just handed over by hermes sa book!).

    by the way, the reference to my outfit is for my fashion blogmates. ganun kasi yung culture nila eh. click on their blogs, you'll see ;)

  9. JOEI...i liked the movie rin naman. kaya nga divided into two yung review ko--for book-lovers and for the simple movie enthusiasts hehe.

    it's definitely not a faithful adaptation but it came out okay naman.

    weren't the pearls handed by a sea creature? :)parang messenger ni poseidon.

  10. hi JANNA! thanks for dropping by ;)

    haha so magkano inabot ng 100oz? sabi nga ng sister ko tutti frutti is okay. sige, i'll try it one of these days :)

    btw, i can't access your blog. you have an active one ba o you just use it for commenting?

  11. Froyoooo. :) I love White Hat too, but haven't tried Red Mango. I'll definitely seek it out soon! :)

  12. hey, manila girl! thanks for dropping by.

    go go go :) they say we should also try tutti frutti. they let you do the scooping and filling!


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