The loves of my life

They scream, they bite, they run, and they can turn a neat living room into a war zone. And I just love them to death! Meet my nephew and niece--Marsy and Danielle. They're living proofs that good looks and a few loose screws do run in the family...Hahaha!


  1. kyut ni danielle! :D wala pa bang pics ung birthday niya?

  2. may pinagmanahan ba? :p sobrang kulit grabe! there must be something with february-borns...especially february 18, hahaha!

    haha, onga, andami ko kasing backlog pics. hopefully sa weekend!

  3. ang laki na ni danielle agad. wow.
    at si marsy, utang na loob, ang pogi. turuan mo iyang maging gentleman or else, maraming palda ang matutuluan ng luha. haha!

  4. wala pang interes sa mga babae si mars. sa ngayon. haha.

    pero si danielle, kapag tinanong mo, "Danielle, sinong boyfriend mo?" ang sagot: "Si an-ge-loh."


  5. mother,

    i think there's this fad in the modern blog world.. awards they call it. i'm giving you your first award ---> HERE


  6. bat tayong mga uncle at auntie, laging bida sa mga pamangkin?

  7. DUKE...but ofkers! kanino pa natin ipamamana ang ating wonderful genes? and we can spoil them to death without feeling guilty coz we're not their parents :p


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