Feathers and blues

Daniel Fricke + Jennie Lee Nuptials

February 20, 2010

San Antonio de Padua Parish
Hacienda Isabella
Silang, Cavite

Wedding Coordinators:
ONCE Wedding Specialists

They're going to have beautiful babies, I thought as Daniel, a pure-blooded German, and Jennie, half-Chinese, half-Filipino, exchanged "I do's". It was a hot February afternoon. And I could see the couple's European guests, seated on one side of the church, fidgeting in their seats, probably due to the heat which they weren't accustomed to. But as the couple moved on to their personal vows, everyone was still--listening and getting teary-eyed with every word.

"My father once told me that finding true love is like finding the perfect shoe," the bride said in between tears. "And now, it looks like I've found the perfect shoe. Even if it's not made in China." Then Jennie laughed and hugged her groom.

It was definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I've been to. A fusion of Chinese and German culture. East meats West. Europeans wearing barongs. Chinese and German music sung at the reception.

Our team from ONCE Wedding Specialists enjoyed working with such an enthusiastic couple. Daniel and Jennie lives in Germany and most of the coordination were done through emails, YM's, and Skype. But since Daniel and Jennie were very "hands on", it wasn't to difficult to get the ball rolling. The couple even created their own wedding website for guests who were flying in from other countries.

Everything was done in good taste--from the choice of the church, to the reception venue, to the jazz music which set the mood for an evening of drinking, dancing, and merrymaking.

For the reception venue, the couple chose Hacienda Isabella. The bride's cousin, who was also a stlyist, decorated the place to match the couple's theme--blue and white, capping it off with feather accents.

And come nighttime, the place was filled with lights creating the perfect mood.

One of the interesting parts of the programme is a German tradition--the Log Cutting.

"[In the log cutting tradition] the bride and groom must then cut the log in half, symbolizing the first tough task of their lives accomplished together."

And with the way the newlywed cut their log that night, laughing and smiling the whole time, there's no doubt that Daniel and Jennie will be having a fun, loving, and adventurous married life.

Mission accomplished. Mr. and Mrs. Fricke proud of the accomplishment.


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  1. love it, koryn! especially the wonderful pictures! thanks for posting!

  2. I want to get married NOW! The place looks magical, and the newlywed couple look euphoric.:) Already linked you! Thanks for visiting my site!:)

  3. Great Pics Koryn! I hope to get ONCE Wedding Specialists for my wedding :D

  4. DENZ...will post it in our FB account also :)

  5. MANILA GIRL...get us as your coordinators and we'll make sure you have a fantastic wedding! haha, shameless plug :p

    but...gotta find a groom first. or you have a prospect na? ;)

  6. ALPHA MALE...we'd love to do your wedding! you know how to reach us ;)

  7. they make you feel high on love and all things happy, don't they? :)


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